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Get involved

Our sport offers many valuable experiences and opportunities for competitive and recreational orienteering. Our sport requires people with the desire and motivation to make a real difference - by choosing to coach. Whether you are thinking about becoming a coach, or looking to build on your existing skills and expertise, British Orienteering offers a range of opportunities that will enhance knowledge and understanding at every level and may well improve your own orienteering.

Becoming a Coach

There are many routes into coaching; as an enthusiastic parent, as a participant, as a teacher, as a young leader or simply someone inspired to be that person to make a real and positive difference. Whichever way you come to orienteering, as a coach you will have the satisfaction and pride in knowing you have helped others to participate, achieve and excel.

There are a number of great starting points for your coaching career, for example;

  • Helping one of your club coaches: Find out when they run sessions and go a long and offer to help.
  • Children involved in coaching sessions: Don’t just drop them off, ask the coach if they want any help.
  • UK Coaching Certificate Award Scheme: The scheme provides a structured pathway from being an Assistant Coach supporting a more qualified coach through to master coach. At Level 1 Assistant Coach, the award offers an introduction to the running and navigational skills required to introduce orienteering and support a more experienced coach. For many orienteers who have helped coaches informally the first step may be to go direct to Level 2 Coach which is the level at which you can coach independently. The level 2 coach is the mainstay of coaching at club sessions.

The Journey of a Coach

When you achieve a coaching award it is the start of the journey to develop sport-specific knowledge and expertise. Take the opportunities when they arise to talk with more experienced coaches and with participants, both will become a source of knowledge and good practice.

Our programme of education and support will continue to help you develop, with additional opportunities to learn and update/refresh knowledge always in development.

Part of your journey may well include acting as a mentor – someone who helps, advises and supports developing coaches. Click here to let us know you are interested in being a mentor coach.