Performance Programme

The Great Britain orienteering Squad is funded by British Orienteering and Sport England. The programme supports athletes with all aspects of their training with the aim of producing medallists at the annual World Championships and Junior World Championships.


At the 2013 World Championships, Scott Fraser won a Silver Medal in the Sprint event


Talent and Performance Programme

The entire World-Class Programme, which includes the selection of athletes into National Squads, has been undergoing a restructuring process which has affected the current structure of the Senior, Junior and Start Squads.  Evidence suggests that to become an experienced World Orienteering Championship performer it takes an athlete approximately 12 years.  Therefore, from 2010 the World-Class Programme is adopting an approach that uses the principles of long term athlete development and which will move away from a segregated, strictly aged based structure towards one that better accommodates the athletes by grouping them by ability. The restructuring of the talent pathway is now being consolidated.


To ensure that talented young athletes are identified early we have developed a system that uses the principles of Long Term Athlete Development. Athlete Development begins at club level where talented athletes are identified and given expert advice and coaching in a Club Talent Squad. As athletes develop they will primarily be nominated by their club to join their Regional Talent Squad which will help develop and nurture their ability. The most talented will then be selected to join the World Class programme as part of the Talent Squad. Successful athletes will then progress through the World Class Squad (Talent - Academy - Performace - Podium).

The new approach also recognises the crucial role that Clubs and Regions play in Talent Identification and Talent Development. Working with Clubs and Regions and providing support and resources to assist them in talent development will be a key focus in the new system. In particular we will be seeking to engage with and provide development and educational opportunities for coaches who work with athletes at the Club and Regional level.


The 2010 World-Class Squad Structure will be linked to the ‘Orienteer Development Pathway’ (ODP).  The aim of the ODP, which is a series of ‘whole sport’ activities (e.g. physical, technical, and psychological), is to provide consistency across all levels of the World-Class Programme. The ODP also provides a framework for skill development across all areas of athlete development. There is a lot of evidence in talent identification and talent development that the athletes who go on to be the most successful are not the ones that progress quickly to combining skills, performing more advanced techniques and using more advanced tactics, but rather those who excel in executing the most basic skills and techniques.


The Performance Programme is supported by:



The World Races

Orienteering is not an Olympic sport. Our premier event is the annual World Championships. There is also an annual World Cup series and a bi-annual European Championship and World University Championships. Every four years we compete at the World Games. The Junior's race internationally in the Junior World Championships, European Youth Championships and the Junior European Cup.


The Disciplines

Foot Orienteering has four disciplines in which our GBR athletes compete: Long, Middle, Sprint and Relay.

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