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Volunteer Strategy
Volunteer Roles

Club Leaders

What is Club Leaders about?

The Club Leaders project is about supporting you in the business of running your club. It is completely free of

charge and open to anyone involved in sports club management

Primarily the vision of Club Leaders is to achieve a stronger sporting club network stretching all over England. We want you to be part of this!

We know that the people behind the scenes are the backbone of sports clubs and this programme is here to support you, saving you time and providing tips to save money

This two year project is part of the Sport England Places People Play Olympic legacy programme

How will “better business skills for sport” be delivered?

Our dynamic Club Leaders website provides e-learning modules, discussion forums, news, events and more!

Face to face seminars are be led by business training specialists across the country.

One-to-one mentoring is available to focus on what your club needs most and;

The “Learning Bus” tours the country as a promotional tool and mobile training facility. This gives you opportunity to find out how the project can help you by interacting with Club Leaders staff. There are also fourteen computers on board which can be used to have a go at the e-learning modules.

The following e-learning modules are already available on the site:

• Simpler Finance
• Managing capital projects
• Organisation structure and status
• Evaluating marketing options
• Get your cash flowing

The site can be accessed at

Any queries can be directed to


Volunteer Strategy

Orienteering is recognised as a sport built on a strong foundation of volunteer activity. It’s often quoted as being an example of good practice regarding its ethos of volunteer involvement, with participants embracing the concept that it is normal to give unpaid time to their sport.

The current level of personal commitment given to orienteering is immense with an estimation of over 3,000 people working at club level to help stage events and run clubs.

The role British Orienteering plays in supporting this workforce is recognised and is becoming an even higher priority as we work to bring about the vision for the future of orienteering. There is no doubt that for orienteering to succeed and grow it will rely on the skills, knowledge and commitment of the volunteer workforce.

Volunteer development will be a major component of the Whole Sport Plan 2009/13.

Why is a Volunteer Strategy needed?

A strategy is required due to:

  • Orienteering being heavily dependent on voluntary effort (organisers; controllers; planners; mappers; event officials inc. parking, start, finish, etc; administration at National, Association and Club level; etc)
  • Anecdotal evidence leading to a belief that the pool of volunteers is growing steadily older and a new generation of volunteers is required to take on key responsibilities
  • The need to utilise the current pool of experienced volunteers to help train younger volunteers.
  • The recognition that British Orienteering needs to provide a lead in this area of work and to support the work delivered at all levels of orienteering.
  • The Vision for orienteering focuses on increasing participation and will require a re-think regarding the way that events are staged and the use of volunteers to stage them.

The strategy will provide an action plan to retain the current volunteer workforce and support the recruitment and development of people wishing to be involved in a volunteer capacity. British Orienteering is currently looking for people to join a workgroup that will develop the Volunteer Strategy and are seeking people with the following skills and knowledge:

  • People working in a volunteer capacity across British Orienteering at all levels i.e. National, Association, Club
  • Event officials
  • Coaching
  • Club administration
  • Education/training programme
  • Parents
  • Young people (with appropriate support)
  • People with experience of volunteer development outside of orienteering

If you are interested in joining the group please register your interest by email

In addition to developing a Volunteer Strategy that will address the retention, recruitment, training and monitoring of volunteers, the Workgroup will be responsible for:

  • Clarifying the volunteer roles and responsibilities in orienteering, with role descriptors, knowledge and skill requirements
  • Developing procedures that will enable education/training programmes to be established, delivered, monitored and reviewed
  • Establishing mechanisms to analyse the success or otherwise of the Volunteer Strategy and whether or not it meets the needs of the sport
  • Reviewing British Orienteering’s policies and procedures and making recommendations for changes necessary for them to underpin the Volunteer Strategy

This website will become a delivery mechanism for the volunteer strategy and will help volunteers to:

  • Find a role that matches their interest and skills
  • Effectively manage and support other volunteers
  • Share good practice in recruiting and retaining volunteers
  • Raise any questions regarding volunteering
  • Keep up to date with news about volunteering in orienteering
  • Access training
  • Access British Orienteering policies, procedures and resources that will support volunteers in their work

Please email any questions about volunteering in orienteering here

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Sport England have produced an excellent website called which provides a wealth of information for volunteers.

runningsports is about supporting volunteers like you who are responsible for the administration and management of sports club – the unsung heroes, who make sporting participation an everyday reality up and down the country.

At the website you’ll find practical support such as Frequently Asked Questions, Best Practice, Top Tips, Job Descriptions, Funding Availability and details of specific Workshops to give you the tools, techniques and skills to help you administer and manage even more effectively.

Runningsport Instant Information Guide

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Volunteer Roles

It's a good idea to provide role outlines for volunteers in your club so that volunteers know exactly what their role and contribution will be.  It will also help clubs to identify volunteers who have the correct skills and attributes for that position.

Runningsport Volunteer Role Descriptions

Runningsport - Rewarding Volunteers

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