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Tweet Sunday 19th November 2017

VOLUNTEER AND CLUB AWARDS 2017 - Nominations are now open!

Who do you think deserves recognition for their contributions and great work in our sport?

It is good to see so much activity going on to develop the sport and we thank all those volunteers and clubs who make orienteering happen across the country every week.

Club of the Year 2016 last year was awarded to Solway Orienteers. Relatively isolated Solway put a strong focus on inter-club activities mentoring volunteers to deliver local competitive events as well as working with other sports through a time bank to share volunteers.

Solway Orienteers won the 2016 Club of the Year award.

Tim O’Donoghue at Solway Orienteers said:
“Solway Orienteers involvement with this award was initiated by Hilary Quick when she was SOA Development Officer. In late 2015 Hilary suggested that based on our activities we consider submitting an application. Once over our surprise we had a look at the form, survived being a little intimidated by it and decided to give it a go. The process of preparing the submission brought benefits. Many club members were encouraged at the extent of club activities and pleased with the recognition of their contributions. But we did not win.

Our club had a very active 2016. After reviewing progress at our Club’s Annual General Meeting the request was made of the committee to revise and resubmit our application for the Club of the Year Award 2016. One person took the lead and all the committee members contributed to improving the draft application.

We were delighting to win this award. Our Club and previous Chairs (covering the last 25 years) travelled down and accepted the award at the presentation (Brunel University, London).”

What does a club interested in applying have to do?

Tim continued:
“The orienteering club needs to complete the British Orienteering standard form which consists of 5 categories and questions about your club:

  • Programmes the club delivers: What activities does your club provide for its members? How does the club ensure the members have the ability and opportunity to improve their skills and so and develop our sport locally?
  • Volunteer Management: How does your club recruit, retain and reward your volunteers?
  • Partnerships and relationships: How does your club link to local and regional partners and build these relationships?
  • Creative Diversity: Who does your club work with to ensure that you reach to the widest group of potential members possible, for example, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, people of all ages? How do you ensure your activities are open to all?
  • The future: What are your plans for the next 5 years?”

Why fill in the form – why apply?

Tim explained:
“Well, winning is great, and adding the club’s name to a winners list that contains such excellent clubs such as MAROC, Grampian, SYO and TVOC is wonderful. But there were other important benefits aside from winning.

Some of the questions prompted a major review, reinvigoration and upgrade of our Club Development Plan. For example, we identified the need for more coaches with the outcome of two more people being accredited in 2016.

Sharing the application across the club allowed members to understand the scope of our activities, and most importantly improved the feel-good factor in the club. People were pleased to be part of the club as it was described.

So, on reflection Solway Orienteers have realised that applying for the award was more important for the club than winning it. We encourage other clubs to consider pursuing and applying for this award this year and in future years. In our view, it is well worth doing.”

Award Categories for 2017 are now open! Who are you going to nominate?

Club and Volunteer Awards 2017

Club of the Year Award 2017

Young Volunteer of the Year 2017

University Club of the Year 2017

Peter Palmer Coach of the Year Award 2017

SILVA Award 2017 – for a very significant contribution to orienteering

Further details and nomination forms can be found here.

The closing date for these awards is: Friday 16 February 2018

All entries are to be emailed to

Mapping Awards 2017

  • Chichester Trophy
    For the best map by an amateur mapper
  • Silva Trophy
    For the best map produced by professional mappers
  • Walsh Trophy
    For the best urban or sprint map

These awards are for maps first used in competition during 2017. To be eligible, maps should be of new areas or significant extensions/major revisions to existing maps. Submissions should state briefly the mapper involvement.

Scoring is based on specification, cartography and presentation.

Please send electronic copies of maps, preferably either pdf or OCAD files with this nomination form to

Closing date for entries: before Friday 16 February 2018.


Bonington Trophy

Awarded annually for the 'best contribution to mapping' which can cover a whole range of activities related to mapping

Bonington Trophy submissions should use this nomination form to

Closing date for entries: Friday 16 February 2018.

All awards will be presented at the British Orienteering Annual General Meeting on Friday 30 March 2018.

Further information about all of these awards is available here.