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Tweet Sunday 13th May 2018

Just 10 days to go until 2018 World Orienteering Day!

Just 10 days to go!


Wednesday 23 May 2018

This year World Orienteering Day is on Wednesday 23 May and runs throughout the week. All schools, all orienteering clubs and all countries all over the world are encouraged to participate in World Orienteering Day.

Be part of something bigger!
We hope you are all considering how to implement a fun activity in your school, in your club, in your village or in your city.

What orienteering event or activity are you planning?
How are you going to be involved?
How are you going to be involved in events at school, at work or/and in your local community?

There are many inspirational event ideas and free promotional resources to download available here.

Register your orienteering event and activities here and get your club, work or school registered and shown on the World map! Together let’s break last year’s world record and be part of getting more people orienteering across the World on Wednesday 23 May and through the World Orienteering week!

For more information about World Orienteering Day visit the World Orienteering Day 2018 website:

Alternatively, contact British Orienteering: 

Permanent Orienteering Courses available:

Let's be part of getting the world orienteering again in 2018!