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Tweet Sunday 20th May 2018

Resources to help you get the most out of Orienteering

Orienteering is a great tool to get children learning and achieving both inside and outside of the classroom. There is great potential for developing orienteering for young people for example via schools or uniformed group activities with simplified and progressive activities that can take place in a variety of environments from school grounds to country parks and woodland.

Orienteering is also a cross-curricular activity that can support subjects such as Maths, PE and Geography as well as promoting a healthy mix of physical activity, decision making and team working – there is nothing like the excitement of searching for things and the sense of accomplishment in completing a course, activity or event!

To assist you in your Orienteering planning - British Orienteering has some appropriate resources and reading to help you get started and feel more confident in using Orienteering within your activities and sessions with young people.

Plenty of orienteering resources available for your school or club

From purchasable equipment kits such as the Xplorer Schools resource to downloadable resources and signposting to your local club – please see the sections below covering a variety of topics:

1) Mapping

2) Find your local Club

3) The Teaching Orienteering Pathway

4) Orienteering in Schools

5) Downloadable resources

6) Competition for Schools - the British Schools Orienteering Association

7) Where to Go Orienteering

8) Purchasable Xplorer Schools


Thought about taking part in World Orienteering Day this year on Wednesday 23 May 2018? 

Find out more here.