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Tweet Thursday 17th May 2018

European Orienteering Championships finished with the Long distance race

On the final day of the European Orienteering Championships (EOC) in the Ticino, the Long-distance titles went to Olav Lundanes (No) on the men’s side and Tove Alexandersson (Sd) on the women’s side. 

The British team fought hard in a tough competition with challenging steep terrain and produced some commendable results. Cat Taylor headlining with 18th securing a Top 20 in every discipline at the championships for the British Team.


  • Tove Alexandersson
  • Natalia Gemperle
  • Julia Gross
  • Sabine Hauswirth
  • Maja Alm
  • Maija Sianoja
  • British Results: 18. Cat Taylor, 31. Jessica Tullie, 43. Hollie Orr.


    Hector Haines commented on his performance 'Solid solo performance where one mistake and a route choice error led to 28th place in the end and around 10 mins behind the winner. Fairly tame course after all, with only 60% of the advertised 910m climb on the optimum route. Nice and runnable terrain, great map, but not the memorable epic we thought it would end up being.'
  • Olav Lundanes
  • Matthias Kyburz
  • Gernot Kerschbaumer
  • Frederic Tranchand
  • Daniel Hubmann
  • Martin Hubmann
  • Alasdair McLeod said 'I didn't perform as well as I would have liked but learnt a lot from the race which I hope to improve on in the future '

    British Results: 28. Hector Haines, 29. Alan Cherry, 37. Alasdair McLeod. 


    The British Team now return and many will be competing at the British Championships this weekend before selection for the World Championships at the end of the month.