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Tweet Monday 21st May 2018

British Orienteering Championships 2018 Balmoral

Saturday 19 May - British Orienteering Championships - Long distance race, Balmoral, Scotland. 

Probably one of the most memorable British Orienteering Championships ever held! Balmoral Castle on the day of a Royal Wedding, beautiful weather, fantastic courses and excellent mapping all combined to make it a great event.

Parking was on an immaculately mown lawn, with care taken not to drive over the cricket pitch.

The walk to the Red start was long but essential, with around 700 competitors passing Her Majesty’s ponies on the way to the westernmost (and toughest) part of the area. Runners might have been treated to the sight of a drone gathering race footage, as well as running cams and other cameras out in the woods. 

Dougie Vipond interviewing Sasha Chepelin for the BBC Adventure Show

Interviews were conducted with the main hopefuls in M21E and W21E by presenter Dougie Vipond (also of Deacon Blue fame) and well-known hill-goer Cameron McNeish. With GPS tracking and race commentary, there will be an excellent TV programme coming out sometime in the summer.

Ice cream in high demand
Ursula Oxburgh setting out uphill
Run in with the castle in the background

Everyone was a winner at Balmoral, but we hope that those who limped in nursing sprains, cuts and bruises make a quick recovery.

Photos by: Colin Matheson


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