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Tweet Tuesday 31st March 2020

#JKMemories Online

Easter is on the horizon and that usually means the JK for many of us. British Orienteering would like to express thanks and do recognise the disappointment with all of those that were involved in organising this year’s JK and all who were planning on taking a trip to the North East.  Sadly with the current lock down in place many orienteers will be wondering what to do. Fear not, with your help we will be celebrating the JK online over the Easter weekend, reminiscing on memories and sharing photos and maps from over the years. Therefore, we need to hear about the stories that make the event special to you.

Starting on Monday 6 April until the end of JK Day 4 (Monday 13 April 2020) British Orienteering will be publishing a series of articles, news stories, snippets, maps, photographs…etc.  The idea is that we don’t forget what makes the JK so special to us by celebrating the event online.   

British Orienteering is working hard to gather interesting content that we have in the archives, past editions of Focus, history and facts…  

Here is where the ‘sharing together’ part comes into play!
British Orienteering are asking for members and clubs to think back and send in any content, photos, specific snippets or memories you personally hold dear and want to share with others who love the JK event as much as we do.  Maybe you remember the year when your club achieved your best JK result in the Relay? Did you attend the very first JK event?  What do you personally remember about it? Have you ever witnessed and been inspired by one of the elite champions?  Have you got any old photos / maps, stories?  Over the JK week British Orienteering will publish as many as possible so we can all share memories of this fantastic event together.    

Please share any memory or experience with us large or small which we can feature on the website and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), to: