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Tweet Thursday 16th April 2020

#JKMemories : Maps from JK '77 and JK '79

By Charlie Adams SYO (SROC in '77 and '79)

"The excellent articles by Clive Allen prompted me to look through my map files."

Map Leith Hill '77
Map from JK '79

Charlie Adams (SYO), continues: 

"Here are the scans of my maps from JK '77 and JK '79. Unfortunately JK 78 seems to be missing.

My memories are hazy to say the least. I was only 12 in 1977 but I thought the maps would be of interest.

JK 1977. I was running M13. I suspect Steve Hale won and I was about an hour down.

JK 1979 (Ferworthy).  I was M15. I will have been a lot nearer the winner who most likely was Steve Hale again."


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