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Tweet Sunday 8th November 2015

Start to the Development and Performance Squad training year

The 2015/2016 Development and Performance Squad programme began this weekend at Manchester Metropolitan University where the athletes worked with programme staff and experts on their training programmes and plans.

The athletes began arriving from Wednesday evening as they had been booked in for individual physiology tests to establish fitness levels, blood lactate levels and training zones. A group interval session then took place yesterday afternoon where blood lactate, paces and Rate of Perceived Exersion (RPE) were again analysed and data cross referenced to inform the next phase of physical training.

During the camp, the athletes also took part in individual and group Sport Psychology sessions to inform their psychological training and preparation.

Today the emphasis has moved to technical practice at the UKOL in Bethacar.





Thanks goes to Kim Baxter (Physiotherpist), Liz Campbell (Head Coach for Development and Performance), Paul Holmes (Sport Psychologist), Bashir Hussain (Running Coach), Paul Murgatroyd (Head Coach for Talent), Jackie Newton (Performance Manager), Ed Nicholas (Assistant Coach), Clare Pheasey (Physiologist) and Sue Pinner (Physiologist).

Picure: Hector Haines carrying out his physiology lab test with Sue Pinner overseeing