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Tweet Tuesday 27th June 2017

Meet the Sprint Relay Team and read the GBR athlete profiles

World Orienteering Championships 2017

Tartu - Estonia

Friday 30 June 2017 – Friday 7 July 2017

The Mixed Sprint Relay takes place on Sunday 2 July 2017. 

The Sprint Relay terrain in Viljandi has two distinctive areas.  Firstly the Castle Hills - a park area with steep slopes, long valleys, a forested area and old castle ruins.  The other part of the map is the picturesque old town with many streets.

The World Orienteering Sprint Relay is scheduled to take place from 16:55 - 18:15 this Sunday (2 July).

Our Great Britain elite athletes are busy getting ready to travel to the World Orienteering Championships!

We wish them all well with their final preparations.

Mixed Sprint Relay


Cat Taylor

Tessa Strain

Current IOF World Ranking Details: 
47 (Forest) 50 (Sprint)

Best Results: 
World Championships 2015: 3rd Forest Relay
4th Mixed Sprint Relay, 5th Middle, 6th Long
2014 3rd Long EOC
2013 10th Long WOC 

Catherine Taylor Profile

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
34 (Sprint) 99 (Forest)

Best Results:
World Cup 2017 Round 1: 3rd Mixed Sprint Relay
World Championships 2013: 5th Sprint
World Cup Final 2011: 4th  

Tessa Strain Profile


Kristian Jones

Ralph Street

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
13 (Sprint) 230 (Forest)

Best Results:
World Championships 2016: 4th Sprint, 4th Forest Relay
Euromeeting 2012: 4th Sprint
JEC 2010: GOLD Sprint
JWOC 2010: SILVER Sprint
EYOC 2008: GOLD Sprint

Kristian Jones Profile

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
25th (Sprint) 47th Forest

Best Results: 
World Championships 2016: 4th Relay
World Championships 2015: 4th Relay
European Championships 2014: 5th Relay

Ralph Street Profile

Reserves Mixed Sprint Relay:

Peter Hodkinson
Peter Hodkinson Profile

Megan Carter-Davies
Megan Carter-Davies Profile

Get set for a week full of world class orienteering!

Keep up-to-date with any changes to the race timings during the Championships here.

You can enjoy the excitement of the LIVE action from the Sprint Relay this Sunday here.

British Orienteering wishes the Mixed Sprint Relay GB team all the very best with their final training preparations prior to their race on Sunday 2nd July.