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Tweet Wednesday 28th June 2017

Meet the athletes competing in the Long Distance at the World Orienteering Championships

The World Orienteering Championships will continue next week with the Long distance race taking place from 11:00 – 17:00 on Tuesday 4 July 2017.

The Long distance terrain is stretching over an area between the highest hill and the deepest lake of Estonia. Run ability varies from good in the coniferous forests to poor in the deciduous forests and there are only a few tracks. Many marshes with varying sizes can be found in the terrain. There are some rather new deforested areas that are up to two years old. The contours form two distinct areas. Firstly a hilly part with minor terrain features and then secondly an area with large valleys with some smaller valleys flowing into it.

Meet the Great Britain Team selected to compete in the Long distance race on Tuesday 4 July at the 2017 World Orienteering Championships next week.

Long Distance Race



Ralph Street

Edward Nicholas

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
25th (Sprint) 47th (Forest)

Best Results:
World Championships 2016: 4th Relay
World Championships 2015: 5th Relay
European Championships 2014: 5th Relay

Ralph Street Profile

Jessica Tullie

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
64th (Forest) 358 (Sprint)

Best Results:
World Championships 2015: 9th Forest Relay 

Jessica Tullie Profile

Alan Cherry

Mukhidinov Vyacheslav

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
80th (Forest) 537 (Sprint)

Best Results:
European Championships 2016: 12th Relay

Alan Cherry Profile

Hollie Orr

Jason Inman

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
21 (Forest) 168 (Sprint)

Best Results:
World Championships 2016: 8th Relay
European Championships 2016: 6th Long
World Cup no. 4 2016: 6th Long
Junior World Championships 2009: 7th Relay

Hollie Orr Profile

Jonathan Crickmore

Dave Sprot

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
58 (Sprint) 132 (Forest)

Best Results:
European Youth Championships 2008: 5th

Jonathan Crickmore Profile


Charlotte Watson 

Liz Campbell, Mark Nixon, Fiona Lothian

Current IOF World Ranking Details:
118 (Forest) 123 (Sprint)

Best Results:
Junior World Orienteering Championships 2012: 8th Relay,
Junior World Orienteering Championships 2012: 9th Middle
European Youth Championships 2009: 7th Relay
European Youth Championships 2009: 8th Sprint

Charlotte Watson Profile

William Gardner

Megan Carter Davies

Get set for a week full of world class orienteering!

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Our Great Britain elite athletes are busy getting ready to travel to the World Orienteering Championships for their races.

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to wish the Great Britain team all the very best with their final preparations and every success as they travel out to Estonia.