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Tweet Tuesday 1st August 2017

50th anniversary celebrations have boosted engagement

We celebrated the 50th anniversary on the 17 June and this has generated exciting engagement and presented some golden opportunities. Whilst the anniversary cake is now a memory to those who sampled it, the 50th film, the BBC One feature and Focus magazine remain permanent mementoes. The celebration activity has marked this key milestone generating a massive boost in engagement and has sparked off other golden opportunities.  

Here are some of the activities which have taken place:

  • A special 20-pages feature in the last Focus magazine celebrating the last 50 years and looking to the future.  Read here.

  • Celebrating 50th anniversary speech and cake
    A speech by Judith Holt Chair of British Orienteering took place at the start of the Annual General Meeting at Brunel University London. Judith thanked all of the thousands of orienteers from all over the UK who have contributed countless volunteer hours to the sport. Chris James from North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club was invited to cut the cake as a representative of all these volunteers over the years. 
    604 viewed Judith’s speech on Facebook LIVE and the cutting of the cake.
    British Orienteering earned 1,829 impressions (equals the number of times people saw this on Twitter) including 45 engagements.  Read more

  • 50th anniversary film showcasing growth and development
    A special 50th anniversary film produced by Katherine Bett from Sheffield University Orienteering Club to celebrate the growth and development of the sport.  If you have not watched this film yet - it can be viewed here.

    The film has received 6,123 Views on Facebook so far with 78 likes and 92 shares. On the launch day Twitter earned 3,054 impressions and 63 engagements.

  • 50 year timeline highlighting the key milestones along the way!  Celebrating some of the key developments over the 50 years.  What will be listed on the timeline in the next 50 years?  Read more

  • British Orienteering “Happy Anniversary” Campaign.
    Thank you to all the clubs, associations and members who have helped share special 50 year anniversary messages on Facebook. Earned a total of 1,284 Views on Facebook and 26 likes so far.  You can still send your best wishes and messages.   

  • Orienteering feature on BBC One Breakfast with Sports Presenter Mike Bushell
    BBC One Breakfast Presenter Mike Bushell took part in an orienteering course around Media City which was pre-recorded on the evening of Wednesday 14 June 2017. This was shown on BBC Breakfast on the morning of the Golden Jubilee, actual anniversary day Saturday 17 June. On British Orienteering’s Facebook, this film had 41,419 Views and 77 likes. Twitter earned 4,544 impressions.  Read more.  If you missed it you can watch it here.

  • Media coverage received:

    For example, the Northern Echo picked up on the piece in the press release about the first inaugural meeting being held at Barnard Castle and wanted to tell their readers.  They printed our 50 years anniversary story.

  • Other coverage for example included: Inside the Games, Running Monthly Supplement, The Outdoor Industries Association, The Stone and Eccleshall Gazette, Active Norfolk website, World of O, International Orienteering Federation, Greater Sports Manchester Partnership, Yorkshire Sports Foundation, Derbyshire Sports and Camping & Caravanning Membership Magazine.

Jennie Taylor, Communications Officer, said:

I was delighted that British Orienteering was promoted on the magazine front cover of the Camping & Caravanning Membership Magazine.  Inspired by British Orienteering's 50th anniversary year we also were able to get a five page free editorial feature about a family enjoying taking part for the first time in a permanent orienteering course at Cannock Chase.”

  • The British Orienteering 50th Anniversary Award
    As a representative of his many colleagues and fellow visionaries over the 50 years and in recognition of his unflagging personal zeal and unstinting contribution to orienteering throughout that time, the recipient of the British Orienteering 50th Anniversary Award is: Chris James (NGOC). The award is being presented to Chris James at the Scottish 6-Days this week.  Read more

  • British Orienteering safety pin-less 50th anniversary fasteners

    Still available to purchase!  It is not too late to order your special 50th anniversary memento.

    Read more and order yours now!

Jennie Taylor, Communications Officer, says:  "All of this activity has generated a direct boost in engagement on our website and social media channels.  It has also presented many more opportunities for us to raise the profile of British Orienteering and the sport of orienteering of what it is today.  

A new urban navigational challenge in partnership with Transport for London is taking place this weekend on 5 August outside Royal Festival Hall.  Londoners are being encouraged to take part in this urban navigational challenge around London.  This opportunity and the new initiative is a direct result of our work with BBC One Breakfast in Media City where with Sports Presenter Mike Bushell we showcased our sport to their BBC audience."

Find out more about this urban navigational challenge here.