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Tweet Friday 20th October 2017

Unanimous voting on proposals at British Orienteering’s EGM

Judith Holt, Chair of British Orienteering welcomed everyone to the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Saturday 14 October 2017 in Leeds. 

Judith asked who would like to be appointed as Teller.

Mike Forrest from Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK) was appointed Teller.

Judith went on to explain what the proposals were, these were:

Proposal 1: To include the Isle of Man in the territory over which British Orienteering governs the Sport of Orienteering. The North West was keen to support.

Proposal 2: The Re-appointment of a Director. (Basic Article tidy up: to engage with younger people to get on the Board and encourage previous Board members to return).

Proposal 3: Appointments Panel. (Basic Article tidy up: to appoint Officers though a panel).

Judith the Chair then went on to ask the attendees if they had any questions they wanted to raise prior to the voting.

A question was raised by Tony Maycraft (CHIG) who asked “are there were any consequences related to the vote?” Judith replied that “if the vote was against then this would jeopardise 5 staff member positions.” Judith thanked Tony for his question.

Judith moved the EGM onto the voting of the three proposals. Each British Orienteering member attending had been given voting slips which they were then asked to vote with. When completed the voting slips were collected from each table by the Appointed Teller. The Appointed Teller left the meeting room to count the votes along with the proxy votes which had been sent into National Office prior to the meeting. The results were handed to the Chair, Judith Holt.

Voting slips were then counted and handed back to Judith, the Chair.





Proposal 1

167 votes



Proposal 2

168 votes



Proposal 3

166 votes



The votes for each proposal were 100% in favour and therefore adopted by British Orienteering members.
Judith Holt, Chair of British Orienteering, said: “Thank you to all those members who attended the EGM or sent in proxy votes. I am pleased the Isle of Man is now part of the British Orienteering community. Perhaps in the future a new venue for orienteering holidays? We were also able to update our articles to bring us in line with current good practice in sports governance.”

The meeting then continued with presentations to Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer.

Mike has been with British Orienteering for 11 years. The Sport and Recreation Alliance recently recognised Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of British Orienteering, with the Emeritus Award for his long-term service to orienteering.  Since Mike was unable to travel to London to receive the award, Judith presented this prestigious award to Mike at the EGM.

Judith presenting Mike with his Emeritus Award for his long-term service to orienteering.

Mike's impending retirement was also marked by another presentation by Judith on behalf of British Orienteering Board and its members.  Mike was presented with a book with personalised messages from orienteering clubs and associations across the UK, a painting of a view of Riber Castle by a local artist and orienteer, golfing vouchers and a golfing themed retirement cake.

Members were pleased to be part of Mike’s retirement presentation.  They applauded him in recognition of his hard work, dedication and commitment he has given to British Orienteering and the sport over the last 11 years.

Mike being presented with a painting of Riber Castle, Derbyshire.   
Mike’s retirement cake!


Mike expressed his appreciation and thanked the Board, staff and members for the retirement gifts.

The Club and Association Conference then got underway.