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Tweet Saturday 18th November 2017

Outdoor enthusiasts asked to help shape the future of access

November 6 marks the 800th anniversary of the Charter of the Forest, a historic document that gave common people the right of access to royal forests. This can be seen as the first step in a campaign spanning centuries, seeking the legal guarantee of freedom for people to access our beautiful landscapes.

This anniversary brings to life the long history of the struggle for greater access to the countryside, a mission that is very close to many people’s hearts. But what do people want for the next 800 years? Now is your chance to share your views and help shape the future of access.

The Ramblers are kicking off a nationwide debate, gathering thoughts from everyone on what they would like the future of access to look like for the next 800 years.

Nicky Philpott, Ramblers director of advocacy and engagement said: “We know that access rights aren’t just important for walkers, but for many people enjoying the great outdoors. Being able to walk off the path and explore freely is particularly important for activities like orienteering, so we want to gather views from everyone on what they would like the future of access to look like.”

People are being asked to share their views by visiting

You can find out more about this campaign here.