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Tweet Thursday 22nd November 2018

World Orienteering Day 2019

Save the date!

World Orienteering Day in 2019 is being held between in May 2019, between May 15th and May 21st and any orienteering activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

The International Orienteering Federation´s goals regarding the organisation of this annual event are as follows:

  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people,
  • increasing the number of participants both in the schools’ activities, as well and in the clubs’ activities in all countries of National Federations,
  • helping teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way and to get more new countries to take part in orienteering.

The visionary course of action

Each club of all national Orienteering Federations gets in touch with at least one school.  As teachers might need help to implement orienteering so the lessons are a fun and exciting experience, the IOF is working on providing teaching materials in different languages. The Regional Development and Youth Commission of the IOF coordinates and links interested Orienteering people from its national federations together in a school orienteering network in order to exchange materials and experiences. After the event, the students get to keep their maps to take home and show to their friends and family.

In 2018, World Orienteering Day in Great Britain was a huge success.  
Read a snapshot of some of the activity which took place here

Dates for your new year 2019 diary!
World Orienteering Week is taking place on Wednesday 15th May to Tuesday 21 May 2019.
How is your club or school planning to get involved with World Orienteering Day next year?

The registration for World Orienteering Day 2019 is now open.

Together we can reach a new world orienteering record for World Orienteering Day!