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Tweet Thursday 15th August 2019

Yesterday's Long Distance was the first of the finals at WOC 2019

Great Britain had four athletes running and there were a series of good results from the athletes.

Hector Haines finished in 20th place closely followed by team mate Graham Gristwood in 21st.

Jo Shepherd was an early leader and ended up also finishing in 21st place with Charlotte Watson finishing in 35th.

GB supporters
More GB supporters!
Buzz of the arena

Hector Haines
"The World Orienteering Championships in Norway has been a goal of mine for the last three years. Getting here and putting in a race that I can be proud of really hit me emotionally. I gave it everything. This year's been the most difficult of my life and I've surprised myself. I did it. Top 20. Not my best World Orienteering Championship result but this performance is really special to me and means a lot."

GB Hector Haines
GB Graham Gristwood
Leader's chair
GB Hector Haines

Graham Gristwood
"I was really happy to stand on the start line of another World Orienteering Championship Long distance, as that dream seemed a long way away even a couple of months ago. I gave it everything, and was only one lapse of concentration away from a race that I would have been delighted with. As an early starter I got an opportunity for a decent stint in the "leader chair", when I had plenty of time to reflect on my race! Great to be back in the GB team and hopefully it won't be my last chance."

The crowd watch on!
GB Charlotte Watson 
Digging deep

Jo Shepherd
"I was aiming for another strong technical performance and was very happy at the finish since I feel like I achieved that. I really enjoyed the forest today and it was fun to sit in the leader’s chair for so long at the finish."

Charlotte Watson 
Jo Shepherd in action
Charlotte digs deep
Well done Jo.
Jo Shepherd relaxing in the Leader's Chair
At the Finish

Congratulations to GB's Hector Haines, Graham Gristwood, Jo Shepherd, Charlotte Watson on their performances. 

Official results from the Long Distance Final yesterday are published here.

All live services; live results, GPS tracking, official results, maps etc will be published here

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Today is Rest Day.  The World Orienteering Championships continues to tomorrow (Friday 16 August) with the Middle Distance Final.  
The women’s race starts first at around 13.30 local time (UK time: 12:30), and the men’s starts around 15.45 (UK time: 14:45).