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Tweet Wednesday 28th August 2019

Let's hear it for our GB Women 2019 JWOC Relay GOLD medal champions!!!

It was a trio of GOLD meals for Great Britain's women's team at the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark this month when Megan Keith (Inverness Orienteering Club), Fiona Bunn (Thames Valley Orienteering Club) and Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers) were crowned 2019 JWOC Relay GOLD medal champions! 

Great Britain took a very deserved victory after many good runs by the British women. The battle with Russia was close, but in the end last Leg runner Grace Molloy could decide with an 18 second advantage. Both Sweden and Finland were less than a minute behind in the end, with Sweden taking bronze one second ahead of Finland.  Job done!

Jennie Taylor Communications Officer at British Orienteering caught up with the trio soon after they returned from Denmark with their medals.  

In a series of three interviews this week...we will be hearing direct from Megan, Fiona and Grace how it felt for each of them when they realised that they had won Gold and what it was like to be standing on the winning podium in 1st place with the crowd and their team mates cheering on! 

The first interview is with GB Megan Keith (INVOC) and will be published on the British Orienteering website at 14:00 (2pm) this afternoon.