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Tweet Monday 20th April 2020

Lockdown Orienteering - Sprint Weekend (24 - 26 April) - Limit of 700 entries !

Have you entered the Sprint Weekend yet? 

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th April 2020

30 countries are currently represented and taking part in this competition this next weekend with 130 different clubs! 

Enter via Fabian4 by 23:59 on Tuesday 21 April.

Please note:

Entries will close earlier if the entry limit of 700 competitors  is reached before this date / time – so don’t leave it until the deadline if you really want to take part!

You’ll need to choose your age class when you enter:

  • Open
  • Under 17 (M/W16-)
  • Under 13 (M/W12-)

Sprint Weekend:  There will be ten stages across the weekend: two on Friday evening, and four each on Saturday and Sunday. Each day includes one optional Catching Features stage.  Stages should take you between 5 and 40 minutes to complete. The non-Catching Features stages will test different elements of your orienteering technique. You can have a go at stages from our Easter Championships to get an idea of what might be involved.

The challenges will be sprint orienteering-style, and each stage will be shorter than the Easter Championships. The maps will be mainly urban, but remember that you can have forest sprints! The stage planners include two-time world sprint chamption Emil Wingstedt and WOC 2022 planner Graeme Ackland.

What is Lockdown Orienteering? Real orienteering is cancelled. We wanted to create an orienteering challenge anyone could take part in from their home – and so Lockdown Orienteering was born: a series of challenges to test your orienteering skills and knowledge against people from anywhere in the world, while you wait for real orienteering to return.

The Easter Championships was the first Lockdown Orienteering event, with 500 people taking part, including the two most successful orienteers of all time: Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli. More than 20 countries were represented from across the globe, including New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and many European countries.

Our Easter Champion was Casper Skepp of Sweden, and you can find a report on the Easter Championships here.

For further information including how to enter head over to