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Is there a physical or mental challenge you set yourself in your daily training?

Anyone taking part in Orienteering activity must do so in line with the restrictions in place for the area in which they live. 

Jennie Taylor Communications Officer at British Orienteering caught up with Charlotte Ward member of the GB Squad and member of Humberside and Lincolnshire Orienteers. 

Is there a physical or mental challenge you set yourself in your daily training?

Charlotte comments:  "Sometimes, I think, we all struggle with motivation. It’s dark outside, it’s cold, it’s raining.  What I usually ask myself in these times is: what do you want to achieve, and how are you going to achieve it?

Having a routine really helps me to stay focussed and motivated through the winter months. I always have a plan for what I’m going to do each day, and even if there isn’t necessarily an aim or challenge for each individual run, knowing my ultimate goal keeps me going.

On all my runs, I like to try and spot as many different wildlife species as possible. Running in the dark can be great for seeing different species we may not ordinarily see, for example over the last two weeks I have spotted two badgers, two tawny owls, and numerous mice. It’s really exciting to see what comes out as the light fades.

When completing a session, my physical challenge is always to maintain a set pace, keeping reps consistent throughout the whole session. This comes with the mental challenge of having to maintain a strong and controlled running form as it gets harder to keep the pace up!

I think I’m lucky in that I really love running, and enjoy the process of training, so it’s rarely difficult for me to put my trainers on and head out the door. When I do find it hard, I remember to keep my end goal in mind, and always have fun along the way."

Thank you Charlotte.  We wish you all the very best with your on-going training.


Charlotte Ward _ GB elite and member of HALO