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Tweet Tuesday 25th May 2021

Newcomer Retention Group launched by The Orienteering Foundation

On behalf of Andrew Evans, Chair of The Orienteering Foundation

A “Newcomer Retention Group” has been established by The Orienteering Foundation to investigate best practice in turning newcomers into regular participants.

Despite the wide variety of “dealing with newcomer” experience in the Group, it recognises that there are almost certainly many other people who could contribute to the Group's work.

Anyone willing to help the orienteering community build guidance and good practice on the topic of retaining newcomers is invited to contact the Group's Chair Neil Cameron, email: as soon as possible, or email Neil to arrange a telephone call discussion.

The Group is particularly interested in hearing from any individual or club which has experience and/or relevant data in this area, but would also welcome suggestions and ideas from anyone on this important topic.

More details can be found here