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Tweet Friday 28th May 2021

British Middle Distance Championships and Northern Championships 2021

Update from the Organisers

Derek Allison (LOC), British Middle Distance Championships Organiser
Trevor Roberts (MDOC), Northern Championships Organiser

British Middle Distance Championships:  5 June 2021, Summerhouse Knott, Newby Bridge, Cumbria. 
The Northern Championships: will be held on High Dam on the following day – 6 June 2021.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the first Major Event after three lockdowns. It has not been without its challenges, my thanks to Roger Smith (Lakeland Orienteering Club), who has actually done all the work for the British Middles.

At the time of writing this report (22 May 2021), the B.1.617.2 Covid variant hasn’t yet been contained and numbers in some areas are increasing rapidly. Many of our competitors and volunteers continue to be worried about Covid and despite the considerable strain it places on our club workforce; we have taken the decision to run the event at our earlier ‘Covid precaution’ level with a long start period. We expect everyone attending the event to respect these people’s concerns and comply with our Covid safety measures.

The scattered bluebells and primroses in the woods are beautiful, Summerhouse Knott is a fantastic area, the leaves are coming out to make it more challenging, the map is great and the courses are what befit a National Championships.

Some sunshine would be nice, see you all soon and please try to be kind.


More information is available from the following website links@

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