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Tweet Wednesday 26th May 2021

Inspired by World Orienteering Day? – and want to introduce orienteering into your own school or youth group setting?

World Orienteering Day 2021 (19-25 May) ran for a week and it was great to see so many schools, community groups and clubs taking part.

Have you been inspired by World Orienteering Day?  Do you want to introduce orienteering into your own school or youth group setting? Then find out more and book on one of British Orienteering’s new 'Introduction to Orienteering' e-Learning courses.

  • Introduction to Orienteering for Primary Schools, Youth and Outdoor Leaders
  • Introduction to Orienteering for Secondary Schools

British Orienteering 'Introduction to Orienteering ‘eLearning courses support with:

  • developing and deepening young people’s understanding of mutual respect and tolerance
  • promoting equality of opportunity so that all pupils can thrive together, understanding that difference is a positive, not a negative, and that individual characteristics make people unique
  • promoting an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all pupils
  • developing young people’s character and qualities they need to help them flourish
  • developing young people’s confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy
  • developing young people’s understanding of how to keep physically healthy, and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving opportunities for young people to be active during the school day and through extra-curricular activities

These courses will give you an understanding of what Orienteering is and how to introduce it in a fun and exciting way. You will be able to introduce progressive group learning activities across varied learning environments and will be aware of safety requirements.

These courses are great as you can do them in your time and when is best with you. Learners can also log off and on and complete a course in chunks, depending what suits you and around commitments that you already have.  Each course unlocks a wide range of downloadable resources to help reinforce and support you to deliver great orienteering within your setting.

These courses cost just £30 per learner.

You can find out more about these courses and book online here