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Tweet Saturday 29th May 2021

Enjoy the outdoors and get out on a Permanent and/or Virtual Orienteering Course this Bank Holiday Weekend

Orienteering is unique in that it can be enjoyed locally and is suitable for ages and abilities.

A Permanent Orienteering Course is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying with your family and friends anytime of day. 

Not sure what a Permanent Orienteering Course is and what's involved? Check out this video which tells you all you need to know before you download your map, and go!

Additionally local Virtual Orienteering Courses can be completed with your smartphone or GPS watch. 

Find a local Permanent Orienteering Course here.

You can find local Virtual Orienteering Courses here.

Do something different this weekend that you can tell your family and friends about.

Enjoy the weekend!


Don't forget to share your orienteering photos to British Orienteering’s Facebook page and Twitter account