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Tweet Friday 13th August 2021

Thursday hosted the first race of the Swedish Orienteering World Cup, a very demanding and challenging Long-Distance race

Thursday hosted the first race of the Swedish World Cup, a very demanding and challenging Long distance race with Great Britain fielding 12 runners and Ben Mitchell and Laura King making their World Cup debut.

Simona Aebersold, Switzerland, and Kasper Fosser, Norway were strongest in the tough World Cup Long Distance competition in Idre, Sweden.

Swiss runner Simona Aebersold was surprised after her victory as she expected the Swedish athletes to be very strong in the tough terrain of Idre Fjäll. The Swedish athlete Tove Alexandersson was indeed fastest until the very last part of the course, but Alexandersson got tired after the arena passage and after losing time on the last controls she ended up in third place. Meanwhile Simona Aebersold and Andrine Benjaminsen, Norway had a tight battle for the top position and after almost 90 minutes running Aebersold won, only 40 seconds faster than Benjaminsen.

Orienteering World Cup Long Distance – Women Results

1   Simona Aebersold Switzerland 01.28.31
2   Andrine Benjaminsen Norway +0.40
3   Tove Alexandersson Sweden +1.58
4   Hanna Lundberg Sweden +3.52
5   Emma Bjessmo Sweden +8.52
6   Sabine Hauswirth Switzerland +10.37


33rd   Megan Carter- Davies (Great Britain)

34th   Catherine Taylor (Great Britain)

37th   Grace Molloy (Great Britain)

48th   Jo Shepherd (Great Britain)

53rd  Cecilie Andersen (Great Britain)

67th  Laura King (Great Britain)


GB Grace Molloy (37th), said: 
"Although feeling strong physically and with some good periods of orienteering I made too many mistakes to challenge for a top position. I am looking forward to getting back in the forest for the Middle distance and the Relay."
Laura King (67th), said on making her senior debut, said:
"It was a tough one. I enjoyed the physical challenge but unfortunately my navigation failed me on several occasions. The rocky terrain made it hard to read the map on the move so my race didn't feel smooth. Most of my mistakes happened when I focussed on running hard and neglected my map. It was great to be out racing again and I am looking forward to getting back out in the Relay."














In the men’s class the young Norwegian Kasper Fosser won, 1.39 ahead of his teammate Magne Daehli. Swiss Daniel Hubmann was third losing 3.20 to the winner. Fosser had a strong start and had great speed throughout the course. Swedish Gustav Bergman was doing a great race in the beginning of the course, and he was fastest halfway. After some smaller mistakes and time loss he ended up in fourth position.

Orienteering World Cup Long Distance – Men Results 

1   Kasper Harlem Fosser Norway 1.39:53
2   Magne Daehli Norway +1:39
3   Daniel Hubmann Switzerland +3.20
4   Gustav Bergman Sweden +4.11
5   Timo Sild Estonia +5.50
6   Matthias Kyburz Switzerland +7.09


43rd   Ralph Street (Great Britain)

47th   Hector Haines (Great Britain)

76th   Ben Mitchell (Great Britain)

93rd  Chris Smithard (Great Britain)

96th  Nathan Lawson (Great Britain)

Alastair Thomas - Retired due to Injury


Hector Haines, finishing 47th; described the race as: "Tough terrain, rocky underfoot which was much more than expected. After having one big time loss when I was about 10m from the control and didn't see it, left me frustrated and a little demotivated after that. But a strong back half saw me gain a few places through the field."

Hector added:  "The strength of the field showed and many people would be disappointed with their results in this race."


Official results women 

Official results men

Split times, maps, live broadcast can be found here.


Today (Friday 13 August) is a rest day at the international competition. 

The World Cup Round 2 at Idre Fjäll in Sweden will then continue tomorrow with the Middle distance race (14 August) and then the  Forest Relay on Sunday (15 August).

Women Long distance medal winners

Photo image credit:  IOF