About British Orienteering

British Orienteering is the National Governing Body for the sport of orienteering in the United Kingdom, formed in June 1967. We are a non-profit making organisation; all our income is invested in developing orienteering throughout the UK from grassroots through to international competition.  British Orienteering is a member of the International Orienteering Federation and was established as a Private Company, Limited by Guarantee, on 4th January 1982.

Our Vision

More People, More Places, More Podiums (MP3)

The vision statement encompasses three threads crucial to the future of British Orienteering. The full vision document can be found here.

Our Values

The values we wish to observe as we pursue our vision are:

  1. Governance: we will operate using high standards of governance, striving towards best practice
  2. Inclusiveness: not only will our sport have no barriers to involvement, but we will seek to interest and involve under-represented groups
  3. Environment: we will be conscious of the impact on the environment and strive to keep this to the minimum
  4. Operational Practice: we will endeavour to ensure that all decisions are taken with proper authority
  5. Fair Play: is expected on all aspects of our sport
  6. Members' Interests: all our actions will be taken in our members' interests
  7. Health & Welfare: of all those involved in orienteering

Our Service Charter

Our Charter sets out our commitment and the high standards of service we aim to provide. Our Charter applies to everyone who has contact with British Orienteering. You can help us by respecting staff, volunteers, and other customers and for the health and safety of yourself and others when using our services or taking part in orienteering activities. The full Service Charter document can be found here.


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