Development Team and External Key Contacts

Key priorities for the Development Team are:

  • To increase participation through working with partners to deliver Xplorer and Run Challenge events to the local community.

  • To support clubs to increase participation through the Community Orienteering concept by providing weekly, local and accessible orienteering activities.

  • To support all Orienteering deliverers to provide a high qhigh-quality experience and to encourage transition of people new to Orienteering into club membership

  • To support club development by enabling Clubs to achieve Club Standards, called Clubmark in England but under various other guises in the other home nations

  • To support the development of Club Officials and Community Orienteering Coaches

  • To help clubs and schools develop partnerships that will encourage young people to experience orienteering

Please contact the Development Team member in your area to seek advice and support. <

Development Team

Job Title (Region)

Contact Name


Head of Development

Craig Anthony

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National Participation Manager

 Natalie ShawNatalieNatNatNaNaa NNataNatalie Weir

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National Participation Manager

Dan Riley

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Participation Officer (North East/Yorkshire)

Rachel Atherton

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Participation Officer (East/East Midlands)

Tim Herod

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Scotland South Development Contact

Rona Lindsay

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Scotland South Development Contact

Johannes Petersen  Send Email

Wales Development Contact

Mark Saunders

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Northern Ireland Active Clubs Coordinator

Juls Hanvey

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External Key Contacts

The information below will not only help you to better understand the Sports Development system both nationally and within you local area, it will also provide you with a useful contact guide. In most cases however it will be advantageous to make contact with these people via your Participation Managers who already have links established with the various networks and their staff.<



Full Title

The Role

How that helps you


Sport England

Sport England is responsible for delivering the Government’s sporting objectives by promoting and investing in sport and delivering on the vision to make England an active and successful sporting nation.

As well as providing funding for British Orienteering as the National Governing Body for the sport, they can also offer grants for your club.

Please contact your Regional Development Officer or Participation Manager at British Orienteering for more information.


National Governing Body for a specific sport

British Orienteering, UK Athletics etc.

British Orienteering is here to help you grow your club and succeed. If you want to talk to someone about growing your club then contact your Regional Development Officer or Participation Manager.


County Sport Partnership

A county level organisation responsible for managing and delivering sport in that county.

Coordinate the network of sport stakeholders within a county.

CSP’s also coordinate a number of national projects to support sport and are a good contact for funding.



Community Sports Network/

Sport and Physical Activity Alliance

Covers the local authority area. Its remit is to pull together a range of local organisations from health, sport, education and the private sector to co-ordinate delivery at ground level.


Good network to promote your club and ‘Try Orienteering’ events.

Contact your local Sports Development Officer (SDO)


Sport Development Unit/Team

A unit/team in your local council or community trust responsible for supporting community sport. The size and responsibilities of these teams varies in each local authority area.

They are in place to help you develop your club in all aspects and often feature as a significant part of the local CSN/SPAA.


Sports Development Officer

They manage the co-ordination and delivery of your local Sport and Recreation Strategy. They also assist in the local sports development through schools, voluntary groups, facilities & clubs and provide.

As well as general club development, they can provide training opportunities for coaches, sports leaders and volunteers in your club and help with funding applications.


The UK Coaching Certificate

An initiative to endorse coach education programmes, across sports within the UK, against agreed criteria.

British Orienteering work with the UKCC to make sure orienteering coaching programmes are of a high quality.



Youth Sport Trust

A registered charity, established in 1994.

Our mission is to build a brighter future for young people by enhancing the quality of their physical education (PE) and sporting opportunities. It plays a central role in the development and support of sports colleges.

You won’t need to deal directly with the Youth Sports Trust. Instead work with the people from within their system


School Games Organiser

Coordinated by the YST they organise sport competition within and between schools and deliver a number of other funded programs to increase the number of school age children taking part in sport.

Orienteering is part of the School Games and SGOs may approach you to support the delivery of Orienteering. They also have contacts with local schools and are good first point of call to develop school links.


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