Process for applying for PVG Scheme membership

The SOA handles applications for membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme on behalf of members of affiliated clubs.  Please follow this procedure when you are appointed to a role that requires you to have PVG Scheme membership.

19th Mar 12

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You (the appointed person) should first check that your club has a "Secondary Organisation" contract in place by referring to the current list.  That page also describes what you should do if your club is not listed.  You should then request a PVG Scheme membership application form from your club's Child Protection Officer or from Stef Lauer (SOA Child Protection Officer) – by e-mail, phone or via the Contacts page

Complete that form, referring to the SOA Guidance for Applicants  and further guidance from the VSDS website .  (CRBS was re-named Volunteer Scotland Disclosure Services in 2014.)

If you are already a PVG Scheme member, refer to SOA Guidance for Applicants - Existing Members.

Contact one of the ID Checkers and arrange to meet with the appropriate papers to confirm your identity.  You might like to refer to the lists on page 2 of the coversheet for ID Checkers to ensure you take sufficient documentation.  If in doubt, take extra.  If at all possible, take all that you list in B23-39.  Take originals, not copies.

The ID Checker will scrutinise the papers and confirm that they match the form, and return all papers to the you immediately, taking no copies and recording nothing.  (S)he will confirm with you what your intended role is to be (referring to job description templates for roles that require PVG membership), and will send the application form and coversheet to the Lead Signatory.

The Lead Signatory will log the application, complete a few other details and send it on to VSDS.   Only the applicant’s name, form number and date of application are recorded at this stage.  Only the Lead Signatory may send forms to VSDS (though alternatives are in place in case of emergency).

VSDS will process the application with Disclosure Scotland – this can take between 2 and 6 weeks.  They will then send the certificate to the applicant and to the Lead Signatory, who will update the log to show date of certificate received and whether it raised any issues.  The Lead Signatory's copy of the disclosure certificate will be destroyed within 90 days of receipt.  The only records kept show the applicant's name and date of PVG Scheme Record statement.  

The Lead Signatory will contact the club and, if necessary, the applicant, following appropriate procedures as required.

The Lead Signatory will review the list of PVG Scheme membership records annually to identify any who have ceased to be actively involved with “regulated work”, and notify Disclosure Scotland as appropriate.   

This procedure is available in diagrammatic form.

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by Hilary Quick