WTOC schedule / Event programme
Date City Place Event
03.08. Riga   Arrival
04.08. Riga Old Riga center Opening ceremony together with WOC 2018
05.08. Daugavpils Event center Registration
  Daugavpils   Model 1
06.08. Daugavpils Cietoksnis / Fortress Temp O Qualification
  Daugavpils Cietoksnis / Fortress Temp O Final
  Daugavpils Cietoksnis / Fortress Spectator Race 1
07.08. Daugavpils Apveddzelzceļš – Sand pit Pre O 1
  Daugavpils Apveddzelzceļš – Sand pit Spectator Race 2
08.08. Daugavpils   Model 2
09.08. Daugavpils Jaunā Forštate (Rezeknes str.) Pre O 2
  Daugavpils Jaunā Forštate (Rezeknes str.) Spectator Race 3
10.08. Daugavpils Stropi Relay
  Daugavpils   Closing ceremony
11.08.     Departure

WTOC classes and participation restrictions
  • The Competition rules for IOF Trail Orienteering Events will be applied to participation in the World Trail Orienteering Championships 2018.
  • All competitors, regardless of sex, age or physical ability/ disability are eligible to be entered for the Open Class competition.
  • Only competitors, who have a permanent disability that significantly reduces their mobility and have an official IOF certificate confirming this, are eligible to be entered for the Paralympic Class.
The organizers are fully committed to supporting the efforts of the anti-doping authorities.

The World Trail Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held in Daugavpils, Latvia.
Daugavpils is situated in the south-east of Latvia, 232km from Riga. It is only 25km from Lithuania and 35km from Belarus. The town is divided in half by the River Daugava and is surrounded by woods and cultivated land.
Daugavpils was granted the rights of a town in 1582. However, it was already used for trade and military needs long before that. Over the centuries its name was changed repeatedly until in 1920 it became the Daugavpils that we know today.
The town, with Dinaburg Castle at its very heart, was founded by the Livonian Order and has been ruled byPoles, Swedes, Russians, and Germans. The history has left its mark on Daugavpils, in its architecture, the diversity of its residents, and its culture.
Nowadays, in terms of population, Daugavpils is the second-largest town after Riga which makes it an important economic, cultural and tourism centre and a home for one of the biggest regional universities.

Distance to Daugavpils:
  • From Riga 230km (3h by car)
  • From Vilnius 180km (2.5h by car)
  • From Tallinn 520km (6.5h by car)
  • From Moscow 770km (9h by car)
  • From Berlin 1180 km (13.5 h by car)
Travelling options to Riga:
  • Airplane to Riga International Airport (RIX)
  • Ferry to Riga Passenger Terminal (from Stockholm)
Travelling options from Riga to Daugavpils:
  • Train from Riga Central Station to Daugavpils Train Station
  • Passenger’s bus from Riga International Bus Terminal to Daugavpils Bus Terminal
  • By car
  • There will be arranged transportation from Riga to Daugavpils upon request

Terrain, climate, hazards
In August, the average temperature in Daugavpils is 21-25ºC during the day and 13-17ºC at night. Small, local thunderstorms with rain are possible.

Maps and courses
Map and course authors: Jānis Gaidelis and Atis Rukšāns.
New maps will be created especially for this event.

The TempO competition will be held at the old Fortress of the city and its immediate surroundings. The qualification will be in 2 parallel heats, consisting of 4 to 5 TempO stations. All participants will be allocated to heats by randomization.
The best 18 competitors from each heat will qualify for the final.

The Fortress of Daugavpils

TempO (qualification and final) – area of fortress, many man-made objects, some vegetation objects, ditch around the fortress, many terrain details, good to very good visibility.

The PreOcompetition (2 events) and the Relay will be held in the forests surrounding Daugavpils.

PreO 1 – a quarry covers the majority of the map, few trails, many small terrain objects, good to very good visibility.

PreO2 – regular network of trails, many vegetation objects andcontour details, semi-open areas, medium to good visibility.

Relay – Mature, open forest, few vegetation objects and manycontour details, medium to good visibility.
Previous maps:

Cietoksnis / Fortress

1: 5 000 , E= 2,5 m, ISOM, 2016
Mapper: Janis Gaidelis,
Foot O Latvian championship (sprint distance) in may, 2016.

1: 10000 , E= 2,5 m, ISOM, 2012,
Mappers: Leonīds Malankovs and Jānis Gaidelis
Foot O Latvian championship (middle distance) in 2012,
Local Trail O competitions in 2012,
Trail O competition Daugavpils Cup in 2014


Stropi (Open air stage)
1:10000 , E= 2,5 m, ISOM, 2010,
Mapper: Jānis Gaidelis
Trail O competition Daugavpils Cup in 2010,
Local Foot O competition in 2010,
MTBO competition in 2016
Embargoed areas
From this moment, all potential WTOC 2018 event participants, coaches, and team officials, as well all those people, who could supply WTOC team members with information about the terrain, are not allowed to enter the embargoed areas as indicated on the map.

Embargoed areas

Athletes and officials must take into account that TempO restricted area includes also a neighbouring street section (Daugava street), which can be bypassed using Venta and Vidzeme streets. Also the hotel „Rotko centra rezidences”, located in Mihaila street 3, is within the restricted area, thus access to this hotel is forbidden until the end of the TempO events.
Opportunities for training
26.05.- 28.05.2017      Daugavpils Cup - Aknīste, Daugavpils, PreO, PreO, TempO
30.06.- 02.07. 2017     "Kāpa - 2017" - Krāslava, Borovka-  PreO, PreO, TempO
08.07.- 09.07. 2017     ECTO - 2017  5th and 6th stage - Daugavpils, PreO, TempO
October 2017                Sigulda Cup - Sigulda, Relay, exact dates to be announced
July 2018                       "Kāpa - 2018", exact dates and program to be announced
Park Hotel Latgola (from 40 Eur) http://www.hotellatgola.lv/
Good Stay Dinaburg (from 34 Eur) http://www.goodstayhotels.com/viesnicas/dinaburg-hotel/lv/
Hotel „SventesMuiža” (from 50 Eur) http://www.sventehotel.lv/eng/home/
Upon request from participants accommodation indifferent price categories can also be offered.
Advisors and controllers
WTOC Senior IOF event advisor – Hannu Niemi (FINLAND)
WTOC Assistant IOF event advisor – Anne Straube (GERMANY)
WTOC National Controller – Zita Rukšāne (LATVIA), E mail: zita.ruksane@woc2018.lv
Organizers / Organising team
Host Federation – Latvian Orienteering federation,
Grostonas street 6 b, Riga, LV- 1013, Latvia,
www.lof.lv , E mail: lof@lof.lv
Executive director: Ģirts Mamis, phone +371 26470447
WTOC Event Director – Normunds Narvaišs,
E mail: normunds.narvaiss@woc2018.lv
IT solutions - Guntars Mankus
Results - Jānis Rukšāns
Map and course authors: Jānis Gaidelis and Atis Rukšāns
Contacts for media possibilities:
Līga Rukšāne: liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv
If you have any questions, please contact:
Līga Rukšāne: liga.ruksane@woc2018.lv


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