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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
4 Jun 2022 SWOA KERNO National Tamar Triple Day 2 Leskernick Hill Results
4 Jun 2022 SEOA SO Local SO Park-O 1 (followed by AGM) - Worth School, near Turners Hill Worth School Results
4 Jun 2022 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday Series Highfield Park Highfield Park Results
4 Jun 2022 SOA INT Local INT Local Events in Edinburgh and The Lothians Almond Park Results
3 Jun 2022 NEOA NN Local South Tyneside Sprint Fellgate Estate Results
3 Jun 2022 SWOA KERNO Regional Tamar Triple Day 1 Tavistock Results
1 Jun 2022 NWOA LOC Local Summer Series 1 Latter Rigg Results
1 Jun 2022 SOA ELO Local ELO Sprintelope Musselburgh Results
31 May 2022 SEOA SLOW Local Burgess Park Race Burgess Park Results
29 May 2022 YHOA EBOR Regional YHOA Urban League - York City Race York Results
29 May 2022 EAOA NOR Regional Kings Lynn Urban Kings Lynn Results
29 May 2022 SEOA SAX Local Sax Local Event Ightham Results
29 May 2022 SWOA BOK Regional BOK Regional Urban Event & SEOUL urban league Shepton Mallet Results
28 May 2022 SOA GRAMP National Scottish Championships (UKOL) Deeside Results
28 May 2022 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Colour series 3 Florencecourt Results
28 May 2022 SOA ELO Local ELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians Barns Ness Results
25 May 2022 NWOA SELOC Local Journey to the Hill (6) Springfield Park Results
25 May 2022 NWOA LOC Local Spring Series 5 Holme Fell Results
25 May 2022 SWOA BOK Local BOK Urban Orienteering Series 5 Weston-super-Mare Results
25 May 2022 SOA INVOC Local Cawdor Wood, Cawdor Cawdor Wood Results
22 May 2022 SWOA KERNO Local Summer Urban Event Tremough Campus Falmouth Results
22 May 2022 SEOA SO National SO Sunny Sussex Weekend (3/3) / SE League event - Friston Forest, Jevington, Eastbourne Friston Forest Results
22 May 2022 SWOA NGOC Regional Chris James Memorial Event Ledbury Results
22 May 2022 NWOA MDOC National MDOC Urban Weekend UKUL City of Manchester Results
21 May 2022 YHOA SYO Local Saturday Series 8 Meersbrook Park Results