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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
16 Sep 2017 SOA RR Local RR Autumn Series 1 Gordon Community Woods Results
10 Sep 2017 NWOA BL National BL Level B Event High Pike High Pike, Calebreck, Hesket Newmarket Results
10 Sep 2017 WMOA WRE Local The John Bennison Long O Long Mynd Results
10 Sep 2017 NEOA CLOK Regional Regional North East Urban League Stockton University Campus and Riverside Results
10 Sep 2017 SOA FVO Regional FVO bto Urban League - SOUL 8 Dunblane Results
10 Sep 2017 SEOA LOK Regional LOK Ultrasprint Victoria Park Results
10 Sep 2017 WOA MWOC Local Hafren Hafren Results
10 Sep 2017 SOA MAROC Local Bellwood Level D Bellwood Results
9 Sep 2017 SEOA SLOW National SLOW City of London Race Results
9 Sep 2017 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Long Distance Championships Florencecourt and Gortalughany Results
9 Sep 2017 YHOA SYO Local Local and schools event Endcliffe Park Results
8 Sep 2017 SEOA SLOW Regional London weekend race 1 Wapping Results
3 Sep 2017 SWOA KERNO National Caddihoe Day 2 (UKOL) and South West Long Distance Championships Hayle Towns Results
3 Sep 2017 YHOA SYO Regional YHOA Urban League Sheffield Centre SW Results
3 Sep 2017 NWOA WCOC Regional Cumbrian Galoppen - Cockup Cockup Results
3 Sep 2017 SEOA SO Regional SE Sprint Champs - Sussex University, Falmer Sussex University Results
2 Sep 2017 SWOA KERNO National Caddihoe Day 1 (UKOL) and South West Middle Distance Championships Hayle Towans Results
2 Sep 2017 SWOA KERNO Regional Caddihoe Urban Event (SEOUL) Cornwall College Camborne Results
2 Sep 2017 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday League Nomansland Results
28 Aug 2017 SCOA TVOC Regional TVOC Urban Event North Abingdon Results
27 Aug 2017 YHOA EBOR National White Rose Weekend & YHOA Superleague Heater Rigg Results
27 Aug 2017 SEOA MV Regional MV Urban event Epsom & Horton Results
27 Aug 2017 SOA INVOC Local INVOC Nairn East Beach Nairn East Beach Results
26 Aug 2017 YHOA EBOR National White Rose Weekend Middle Distance Event Collis Rigg Results
26 Aug 2017 SOA ELO Local ELO Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians Seafield Results