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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
17 Mar 2013 WMOA POTOC Regional POTOC Colour Coded Event & WMOA League 4 Bathpool Park and Birchenwood Results
17 Mar 2013 NWOA PFO Local PFO Rawtenstall Urban Event Rawtenstall Town Centre Results
17 Mar 2013 SOA FVO National FVO CompassPoint Scottish O League 2 (UKOL4) Trossachs Results
17 Mar 2013 SWOA NGOC Regional Galoppen and WOA Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Symonds Yat / Headless Hill Results
17 Mar 2013 EMOA NOC Regional NOC Regional Event Harlow Woods Results
17 Mar 2013 YHOA EBOR Regional EBOR Regional Event Bishop Wood Results
17 Mar 2013 EAOA SOS Regional Colour-coded event Writtle Forest incorporating EA League and EA Championships Writtle Forest Results
17 Mar 2013 SEOA DFOK Regional DFOK District event & Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Chelwood Vachery Results
17 Mar 2013 SCOA SOC Regional SCOA League New Forest Kings Garn Gutter, New Forest Results
16 Mar 2013 SEOA SO Local SOG - spring 4 - Rivers Wood, Balcombe Rivers Wood Results
16 Mar 2013 SOA FVO National Middle Distance Race (UKOL3) Tulliallan Results
16 Mar 2013 YHOA HALO Local Saturday Event East Park, Hull East Park Results
16 Mar 2013 EMOA NOC Local NOC Bassetlaw Spring Series Ollerton Pit Wood Results
16 Mar 2013 SWOA KERNO Regional Polly Joke Forest League 7 Polly Joke Results
16 Mar 2013 SCOA TVOC Local TVOC Saturday series Furze Brake Furze Brake Results
16 Mar 2013 NWOA MDOC Local MDOC Park Event Prestwich Forest Park Results
10 Mar 2013 NWOA LOC Regional LOC Cumbrian Galoppen & Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Holker Woodlands Results
10 Mar 2013 EAOA WAOC Regional Chicksands Wood Colour Coded and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Chicksands Wood Results
10 Mar 2013 YHOA SYO Regional Regional Event Rivelin Results
10 Mar 2013 WOA MWOC Local Nash Woods Nash Woods Results
10 Mar 2013 SCOA SARUM National SARUM Saunter Regional Event plus SW Middle Distance race Fonthill Results
10 Mar 2013 SEOA MV National MV Regional SE League Balcombe Estate Results
10 Mar 2013 EMOA LEI Regional EMOA League Event Bagworth Bagworth Heath & Woodlands Results
10 Mar 2013 NEOA CLOK National CLOK Acorn Event Cringle Moor Level B Cringle and Cold Moors Results
9 Mar 2013 NWOA PFO Local PFO Darwen Event Sunnyhurst Woods Results