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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
22 Oct 2011 WOA SWOC National Senior Home International Weekend Merthyr Common South Results
16 Oct 2011 EMOA DVO Major CompassSport Cup Final Longshaw Results
16 Oct 2011 NWOA MDOC Regional MDOC Regional event Prestwich Forest Park Results
15 Oct 2011 SOA ELO Local ESOA Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians Butterdean Wood Results
9 Oct 2011 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Code Event Horsford (Houghen Plantation & Commons) Results
9 Oct 2011 EAOA SOS Regional The Broaks Colour Code Event inc. ESSOL The Broaks Results
9 Oct 2011 YHOA EBOR National EBOR Regional Event & UK Cup Final Pickering Forest Results
9 Oct 2011 WOA MWOC Local Coed Allt Fedw POW Local Event Coed Allt Fedw Results
9 Oct 2011 SWOA WSX Regional WSX Regional Event & SW Galoppen Sugar Hill Results
9 Oct 2011 EMOA LEI Regional East Midlands League Event Outwoods Results
9 Oct 2011 WMOA POTOC Regional POTOC Colour Coded Event and WMOA League 5 Leek & Upper Hulme Training Area Results
9 Oct 2011 NWOA BL National NWOL event including an Yvette Baker Trophy Heat - High Pike High Pike, Caldbeck Fells Results
9 Oct 2011 SEOA SAX Regional SAX Sunday Series Hemsted Results
8 Oct 2011 WMOA HOC Local HOC local event Wyche Ridge Results
2 Oct 2011 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Hundred Acre Walks Colour Code Event , EA League & ESSOL Daisy's Wood & Hundred Acre Walks Results
2 Oct 2011 SOA MOR Regional Colour Coded Ranking Event - Quarrelwood Quarrelwood (extensively remapped) Results
2 Oct 2011 SWOA WIM Regional SW Sprint Champs Poundbury Results
2 Oct 2011 SEOA SO National SO level C (incl YBT regional heat) - Selhurst Park, Goodwood Selhurst Park, Goodwood Results
2 Oct 2011 YHOA SYO Regional SYO Regional Event Wincobank Results
2 Oct 2011 NEOA NN National October Odyssey day 2, Cottonshope Cottonshope Results
1 Oct 2011 SWOA NGOC Local League 1 Minchinhampton Common Results
1 Oct 2011 NEOA NN National October Odyssey day 1, Edges Green Edges Green Results
25 Sep 2011 SOA GRAMP National GRAMP Scottish O League 6 Glen Dye Results
25 Sep 2011 SWOA BOK Regional BOK Long O Moseley Green & Mallards Pike Results
25 Sep 2011 YHOA HALO Regional HALO Regional Event Driffield Airfield Results