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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
24 Mar 2019 SOA KFO Regional KFO Urban Event incorporating bto SOUL4 Dunfermline, Fife Results
24 Mar 2019 YHOA EPOC Regional YHOA Urban League Elland Results
24 Mar 2019 SWOA DEVON Regional Devon League Event 5 River Dart Country Park Results
24 Mar 2019 EAOA NOR National East Anglian Championships NT Sheringham Park Results
24 Mar 2019 SEOA DFOK Regional DFOK Regional event Balcombe Results
24 Mar 2019 SOA GRAMP Regional GRAMP Glen Dye - Regional Glen Dye Results
24 Mar 2019 EMOA DVO Regional East Midlands League 2019 Crich Chase Results
24 Mar 2019 NWOA SROC National SROC Red Rose Classic Hampsfell Results
23 Mar 2019 SEOA SO Local SO SOG S4 - Parham Wood, Storrington Parham Wood Results
23 Mar 2019 NWOA LOC Regional LOC Cumbrian Galoppen Haverthwaite Results
23 Mar 2019 SOA MA Local Culross Sprint Culross Results
23 Mar 2019 SEOA SAX Local Kent Orienteering League Blean Results
17 Mar 2019 SOA CLYDE National CompassSport Cup Heat - Dunrod Hill, Greenock Dunrod Hill Results
17 Mar 2019 WMOA OD National CompassSport Cup Heat Bentley Woods Results
17 Mar 2019 EMOA NOC National CompassSport Cup Heat Sherwood Pines Results
17 Mar 2019 SCOA SOC National CompassSport Cup Heat Roundhills Results
17 Mar 2019 SEOA SAX National CompassSport Cup Heat East Ashdown Results
17 Mar 2019 NWOA BL National CompassSport Cup Heat Bampton Common Results
17 Mar 2019 SWOA QO National Compass Sport Cup Heat The Slades Results
16 Mar 2019 NWOA MDOC Local MDOC Park Event Wythenshawe Park Results
10 Mar 2019 SOA TINTO Regional Tinto Twin Day Event Carmichael Estate Results
10 Mar 2019 SWOA SARUM National Sarum Saunter Great Ridge Results
10 Mar 2019 SOA MAROC Local Torphantrick Torphantrick woods Results
10 Mar 2019 YHOA SYO Major Northern Championships (UKOL) Wharncliffe Woods Results
10 Mar 2019 EAOA WAOC Regional WAOC urban event Royston Results