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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
11 Dec 2019 SOA GRAMP Local GRAMP DNC - Balmedie Balmedie Results
8 Dec 2019 WOA SWOC Regional 2019 Welsh League Event Kingswood Results
8 Dec 2019 EMOA LOG National East Midlands Championships 2019 Grimsthorpe Castle Results
8 Dec 2019 SEOA CHIG National CHIG Mitre SE League Event - Middle Distance Epping East Results
8 Dec 2019 SWOA KERNO Regional Forest League 4 & Devon League Event 4 Lanhydrock Results
8 Dec 2019 WMOA WCH Regional WMOA League Event 12 & WM Champs Sherbrook Sherbrook Results
8 Dec 2019 NWOA PFO Regional Darwen Moor Day Event Darwen Moor Results
7 Dec 2019 SCOA SOC Local King's Garn Local Event King's Garn Gutter Inclosure Results
7 Dec 2019 SEOA GO Local GO Local Event Newlands Corner Results
7 Dec 2019 SCOA BKO Local BKO Winter Saturday Series (Swinley East) Swinley East Results
7 Dec 2019 SEOA SO Local SO - SOG A6 - Inholmes Wood, Stoughton (north-west of Chichester) Inholmes Wood, Stoughton Results
7 Dec 2019 NWOA BL Local Talkin Tarn Local Event Talkin Tarn, Brampton Results
7 Dec 2019 SCOA SOC Local Wessex Night League - King's Garn / Castle Malwood King's Garn / Castle Malwood Results
7 Dec 2019 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday & Youth League Verulamium Results
7 Dec 2019 NWOA PFO Local NWNL Darwen Moor Darwen Moor Results
7 Dec 2019 NWOA DEE Local Cheshire and Merseyside schools league and winter series event - Eastham Park Eastham Woods Country Park Results
7 Dec 2019 SEOA SAX Local KOL 4 Perry Wood Results
4 Dec 2019 NWOA LOC Local LOC Night Urban Series 5 Ulverston north Results
4 Dec 2019 SOA MAROC Local Deeside Night Cup series Dinnet Results
4 Dec 2019 EAOA SOS Local SOS Winter Series No 2 Danbury Results
1 Dec 2019 YHOA AIRE Regional YHOA Superleague Shipley Glen Results
1 Dec 2019 EMOA DVO Regional East Midlands League 2019 Allestree Park Results
1 Dec 2019 EAOA SUFFOC Regional Daisy's Wood event Daisy's Wood Results
1 Dec 2019 SWOA BOK Major Southern Championships and Mike Nelson BOK Trot (UKOL) Churchill Inclosure and Cannop Ponds Results
1 Dec 2019 SOA STAG Regional 21st Glasgow Parks Championships - Race 1 Glasgow Green Results