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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
19 Mar 2016 SEOA DFOK Local DFOK Kent Orienteering League Whitehorse Woods Results
19 Mar 2016 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday League & Youth League Frithsden East Results
19 Mar 2016 SEOA SO Local SO SOG S6, Broadstone Warren, Forest Row Broadstone Warren Results
19 Mar 2016 SOA SOLWAY Local Solway Orienteers - Winter Series Mabie Forest Results
19 Mar 2016 EMOA NOC Local NOC Winter Series Colwick Woods Results
19 Mar 2016 SOA MOR Local MOR Saturday & Schools League - Millbuies Millbuies Results
19 Mar 2016 SWOA QO Regional QO Bridgwater Urban Event (Part of SEOUL) including JOG Brewery Field Results
13 Mar 2016 SOA FVO National CompassSport Cup Heat Dumyat Results
13 Mar 2016 SWOA BOK National CompassSport Cup Heat Cannop Ponds Results
13 Mar 2016 SCOA SOC National Compass Sport Cup and Trophy Heat Hollands Wood Results
13 Mar 2016 NWOA DEE National CompassSport Cup Heat Bickerton Hill Results
13 Mar 2016 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Colour Coded & ESSOL The Broaks Results
13 Mar 2016 WMOA WCH National CompassSport Cup Heat Abraham's Valley Results
12 Mar 2016 SEOA SO Local SO SOG S5, Coates Common, Fittleworth, Pulborough Coates Common Results
6 Mar 2016 WOA SWOC National Welsh Championships Sugar Loaf Results
6 Mar 2016 SOA RR National Scottish Orienteering League 1 Elibank Results
6 Mar 2016 SWOA KERNO Regional Forest League 7 Hustyn Wood Results
6 Mar 2016 EMOA DVO National DVO Level B - Longshaw Longshaw Results
6 Mar 2016 SEOA DFOK National DFOK SELeague event and Yvette Baker Trophy SE heat Chelwood Results
6 Mar 2016 NEOA CLOK Regional North East Orienteering League (NEOL) event Hutton Lowcross Results
6 Mar 2016 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Coded & Yvette Baker Eliminator Hockham Forest Results
6 Mar 2016 NWOA PFO Regional Brun Valley Forest Brun Valley Forest Results
5 Mar 2016 WOA SWOC Regional Wales Middle Championships and 2016 Welsh League Event Pwll Ddu Results
5 Mar 2016 WMOA POTOC Local POTOC Leisure and Training Event Consall Scout camp site Results
5 Mar 2016 NWOA MDOC Local MDOC Park+Urban event Reddish Vale, Tiviot Dale and urban link Results