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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
15 Nov 2015 SCOA SARUM Regional SARUM Galoppen (celebrating 50 yrs of SWOA!) & SCOA League Foxbury Woods, nr West Wellow, Hants Results
15 Nov 2015 SEOA SAX National SAX South East League event Hindleap Results
15 Nov 2015 WOA ERYRI Local Local event Pen-y-Cloddiau Results
14 Nov 2015 SEOA HH Regional SE Night Championships Ashridge SE Results
14 Nov 2015 SCOA TVOC Local TVOC Saturday Series Brill Common Brill Common Results
14 Nov 2015 SEOA SO Regional SO (Level C) SOG A5. Great Walstead & Henfield Wood, Lindfield. (event 7 of SO championships 2015) Great Walstead & Henfield Wood, Lindfield Results
14 Nov 2015 SOA RR Local RR Local Event 2 Gordon Community Woodland Results
10 Nov 2015 EMOA LEI Local LEI Winter League 3 Grange Wood Grange and Battram Woods Results
8 Nov 2015 NWOA LOC National LOC event (UKOL) Bethecar Moor Results
8 Nov 2015 EMOA NOC Regional NOC Regional Event (EM League) Thoresby North Results
8 Nov 2015 SWOA DEVON Regional Galoppen and Devon League No.1 Haytor Results
8 Nov 2015 EAOA SMOC Regional SMOC Park Event and EA League, Priory Park Priory Park Results
8 Nov 2015 SOA MOR Regional Aldroughty and Quarrelwood - Level C Aldroughty (TD 4/5); Quarrelwood (TD 1-3) Results
8 Nov 2015 SCOA BKO Regional BKO Level C & SCOA league event (Bucklebury Common) Buckleberry Common Results
8 Nov 2015 SEOA GO Regional GO Middle Distance Event Puttenham Common Results
7 Nov 2015 NWOA LOC National LOC Middle Distance Event (UKOL) Simpson Ground Results
7 Nov 2015 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday League & Youth League Stanborough Results
7 Nov 2015 SEOA SO Local SO SOG A4. Selhurst Park, Goodwood, Chichester Selhurst Park Results
7 Nov 2015 SEOA DFOK Local DFOK Kent Orienteering League Joydens Wood Results
7 Nov 2015 SOA CLYDE Local Clyde 40th anniversary event Mugdock County Park Results
4 Nov 2015 SOA MAROC Local Carlogie DNC Night O Carlogie Results
1 Nov 2015 SCOA SOC National SOC November Classic Burley West, New Forest Results
1 Nov 2015 YHOA SYO Regional Regional Event Ramsley Moor Results
1 Nov 2015 WMOA WRE Regional High Vinnals (WMOA League 10) High Vinnals Results
1 Nov 2015 EMOA LEI Regional EMOA League Event - Burbage Common Burbage Common Results