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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
19 Oct 2014 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Coded Event Pretty Corner Results
19 Oct 2014 YHOA EPOC Regional Regional Event Midgley Moor Results
19 Oct 2014 EMOA LEI Regional EMOA League Event, Bradgate Park Bradgate Results
19 Oct 2014 SWOA DEVON Regional Galoppen Event Devon League No.1 Virtuous Lady Results
19 Oct 2014 NEOA CLOK Regional CLOK Urban Event Northallerton Town Centre Area Results
18 Oct 2014 SOA MAROC National Race the Castles including the SHI and the CompassPoint Scottish O League 7 Balmoral Results
18 Oct 2014 SEOA SO Local SO SOG A3 Friston Forest (west) near Seaford Friston Forest (west) Results
18 Oct 2014 WMOA POTOC Local POTOC Leisure and Training Event Ladderedge Country Park Results
17 Oct 2014 SCOA JOK Regional JOK Chasing Sprint Birsemore Results
12 Oct 2014 EAOA SOS Regional SOS Colour Coded The Broaks Broaks Wood, Gosfield Results
12 Oct 2014 WMOA WCH Regional WCH WM Urban League Stafford Town Centre Results
12 Oct 2014 SWOA QO Local Quantock Orienteers Forest League 1 Buckland Wood Results
12 Oct 2014 NWOA BL Regional Penrith Beacon The Beacon Results
12 Oct 2014 SWOA WSX Regional Dorset Delight Bisterne Close Results
12 Oct 2014 National Race the Castles - Stirling Street Race (UKOL) Stirling City Centre Results
12 Oct 2014 EMOA NOC Regional NOC Regional Event (EM League) Byron's Walk Results
12 Oct 2014 YHOA EBOR Regional Regional Middle Distance Event Brayton Barff Results
11 Oct 2014 SEOA SO Local SO SOG A2 Rivers Wood, north of Haywards Heath Rivers Wood Results
11 Oct 2014 National Race the Castles - Edinburgh Street Race (UKOL) Edinburgh City Centre Results
11 Oct 2014 SWOA KERNO Regional Hayle Towans - Forest League 2 Hayle Towans Results
11 Oct 2014 SCOA TVOC Local TVOC Saturday Series Green Park Green Park Results
10 Oct 2014 Local Race The Castles - Evening sprint warm-up City Centre Results
6 Oct 2014 SWOA WSX Local Club Night & Night League Kings Park/Littledown Results
5 Oct 2014 SEOA SO National SO level C, Rewell Woods, Arundel (incl event 4 of SO champs) Rewell Woods Results
5 Oct 2014 EMOA NOC Local NOC Summer League Wollaton Park Results