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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
5 Jan 2020 SWOA DEVON Regional DEVON League Event 5 Woodbury Common Results
5 Jan 2020 EAOA HAVOC Regional Hadleigh event Hadleigh Park Results
5 Jan 2020 WMOA WCH Regional Brindley Heath - West Midlands League Event 1 Brindley Heath Results
4 Jan 2020 SEOA SO Local SO - SOG A7 - Millenium Wood, Haywards Heath Millenium Wood, Haywards Heath Results
4 Jan 2020 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday League Northaw Great Wood Results
29 Dec 2019 YHOA EBOR Regional Regional Event Brayton Barff Results
29 Dec 2019 SCOA TVOC Local TVOC Chesham Bois (White - Green) Chesham Bois Results
28 Dec 2019 SOA ELO Local Festive Frolic 2019 John Muir Country Park Results
28 Dec 2019 NIOA NWOC Local NWOC Xmas Event St Columb's Park Results
26 Dec 2019 NWOA LOC Local LOC Turkey Race Haverthwaite Results
22 Dec 2019 YHOA EPOC Regional Regional Event Storthes Hall Results
22 Dec 2019 EMOA NOC Regional East Midlands League 2019 Sherwood Pines Results
21 Dec 2019 YHOA EPOC Regional YHOA Night League Storthes Hall Results
21 Dec 2019 SEOA SO Regional SO Brighton City Race (including SEOUL and Wessex Night League) Brighton & Hove Results
18 Dec 2019 SOA MAROC Local Deeside Night Cup series Carlogie Results
15 Dec 2019 YHOA HALO Regional Regional Event Beverley Westwood Results
15 Dec 2019 SEOA MV Regional South East Families & Veterans Headley Heath Results
15 Dec 2019 EMOA LEI Regional East Midlands League 2019 Cademan and Thringstone Woods Results
15 Dec 2019 WOA MWOC Local MWOC local level D Allt y Crib Results
15 Dec 2019 EAOA NOR Regional Shouldham Warren EAL Shouldham Warren Results
15 Dec 2019 SOA FVO Local FVO Local Event Langlees,Falkirk Langlees Results
15 Dec 2019 NIOA LVO Local OCOUL 7 The Mall, Armagh Results
14 Dec 2019 YHOA HALO Regional YHOA Night League Beverley Westwood Results
14 Dec 2019 NWOA MDOC Local MDOC Park event (4) Brabyns Park Results
11 Dec 2019 NWOA LOC Local LOC Night Urban Series 6 Brockhole Country Park & Cragwood Results