Calling all social media users and bloggers!

If you use Facebook, Twitter or write a blog we need your help! British Orienteering is recruiting volunteers for an Online Action Team who will give British Orienteering a voice on social media sites and reporters at events. We are looking for enthusiastic orienteers with reasonably good written English and some knowledge of blogs, Facebook and/or Twitter to help us turn our social media into something worth reading. The Online Action Team members will be managed by and report to Director David Maliphant who will in turn report back to Marketing Manager, Caroline Povey.

We are particularly looking for...

  • Anyone who is enthusiastic about orienteering and can write an interesting blog post, maintain a lively Facebook page or entertain hordes of Twitter followers!
  • Elites and members of the Talent Development Squad who are eager to write about training, development weekends and major events
  • Bloggers, interviewers and photographers
  • Someone with knowledge of (ideally large) Wordpress implementations

Successful applicants will soon be...

  • Posting on British Orienteering’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Live blogging from major events
  • Writing event reports for the British Orienteering website

Orienteers of any age are welcome to apply. You'll need to be keen to put in a bit of time each week and go to some (not necessarily all!) of the big events. You must agree to follow a Code of Conduct. This is your chance to make a big difference to orienteering without leaving your keyboard!

How to apply

Write a short post based on the following theme:

The first post on the new British Orienteering Facebook page

Your answer should be an appropriate length and tone for Facebook. Email it to David  by the 15th March, along with your experience with social media.

For the avoidance of doubt, a personal Twitter or Facebook account does count as useful experience – there aren’t many occasions when you can say that! If you need any further information, please ask.

David Maliphant

Director, British Orienteering

Posted on Tuesday 5th March 2013