Squad training Weekend

23 members of the squad attended a training camp over the first weekend in February.  The camp was based in Aldershot with a focus on technical training for the Sprint and relay disciplines. 

Friday was an urban sprint day based in Bracknell. Some short exercises to warm up body and brain followed by a series of loops to simulate qualification starts.  Sarah Rollins led a yoga stretching recovery session at lunchtime and then we finished the sprint training with a short sprint race in Great Hollands.   Once back at accommodation and still dry most athlets rounded the day off with night training in Long Valley

On Saturday we trained at Sandhurst (sprint) and Frith Hill (relay) and then on Sunday did two relay trainings the first in Windmill Hill and the second a very competitive mixed sprint relay in an adjacent urban area.

With over 200 controls hung and collected over  the weekend we simply could not have done this without the enthusiastic support of the local clubs SN, BKO and GO or the individuals who gave up their entire weekend ( and more) to help with control hanging, collecting, cooking, planning and arranging access. Many many thanks the weekend was a big success and an invaluable opportunity for the athletes.

item posted by Liz Campbell 

Posted on Monday 17th February 2014