British Orienteering Mapping Awards 2015

The following awards are for maps first used in competition during 2015. To be eligible maps should be of new areas or significant extensions/major revisions to existing maps. Submissions should state briefly the mapper involvement.
Chichester Trophy Presented for the best map by an amateur mapper.
Silva Trophy  Presented for the best map produced by professional mappers.
Walsh Trophy Presented for the best urban or sprint map.
The map awards for 2015 are to be decided on submissions provided by clubs and mappers. The judges are Bruce Bryant - Map Advisory Group, Mike Elliott – MV & Rod Postlethwaite – Mapping Advisor. The scoring is based on specification, cartography and presentation.

For the awards for maps, send in electronic copies, preferably either pdf or OCAD files with this nomination form to

Bonington Trophy This trophy was donated to British Orienteering by its honorary President, Sir Chris Bonington, the world famous mountaineer. The trophy consists of a piece of rock collected from the summit of Mount Everest on Chris' 1985 expedition, mounted on a wooden plinth. It is awarded annually for the 'best contribution to mapping' which can cover a whole range of activities related to mapping

Bonington Trophy submissions should use this nomination form to

Entries must be submitted before Monday 15th February 2016.

Item posted by Scott Parker on behalf of Terry Smith, Mapping Advsory Group acting Chair.

Posted on Wednesday 13th January 2016