Zika Virus travel advice

Zika is a mosquito-borne infection caused by Zika virus, a member of the genus flavivirus and family Flaviviridae.

There is currently no vaccine or drug to prevent Zika infection.

Aedes mosquitoes transmit Zika, as well as diseases such as chikungunya, dengue, and yellow fever. Aedes mosquitoes predominantly bite during the day, but especially during mid-morning and late afternoon to dusk (as opposed to mosquitoes that transmit malaria, which bite at night between dusk and dawn).

Travellers to regions where these diseases occur need to take insect bite avoidance measures during daytime and night-time hours, to reduce the risk of infection with Zika and other mosquito borne diseases.

Travel advice relating to the Zika Virus has been drawn up by the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association and the UK Home Countries Sports Institutes.  To find out more visit:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/zika-virus

Item posted by Scott Parker.

Posted on Thursday 11th February 2016