Talent Squad - Competition preparation



The Talent Squad are spending part of this week, in Perthshire, putting their techniques under pressure in preparation for the forthcoming selection races.

The previous technical camps, that have taken place over the winter, have isolated technical skills and athletes have worked through training exercises that hone these skills. This week is all about putting those skills back together in a complete orienteering process and then testing them

The training exercises on offer are designed to allow practice of race tactics over each of the disciplines: sprint, middle, long and relay and each day, one exercise is nominated as the 'key' training activity of the day where athletes are given the opportunity to execute the session with speed and simulate race conditions. (Picture - Aidan Rigby approaching control)

Each day begins with a discussion of the aims and objectives of the sessions and each evening ends with analysis of performance.

Thanks goes to the coaches - Tom Bray, Paul Murgatroyd, Jackie Newton, Ed Nicholas, Mark Nixon, Heather Thomson – and to EUOC for help with control hanging and collecting. Finally to TAY for helping with access permissions.‚Äč

Photo credit - Andrew Barr



Posted on Sunday 14th February 2016