Correction in Focus Spring 2016

It has been noted that an editing error has been made in the TrailO Update in the Spring 2016 edition of Focus.

On page 16, the ‘TrailO 2016’ article by Dick Keighley, Chair, TrailO Group incorrectly referred to ‘PreO’ instead of ‘Pre-O’ in paragraph 5.  The text in paragraph 5 of this article has been completely replaced.

Also on page 16, the ‘PreO Explained’ article states it is written by Dick Keighley.  This article has been written by Anne Hickling (GRAMP).  Within this article there is also an editing error and all references to ‘PreO’ should be ‘Pre-O’.

These corrections have been made and an amended version of Focus is now available in the members section of the website.

Dick Keighley and Anne Hickling (GRAMP) please accept our apologies.

Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager

Posted on Wednesday 16th March 2016