World Orienteering Day

World Orienteering Day, May 11th 2016

The first World Orienteering Day will be held on Wednesday May 11th 2016. At the same time we have a vision to set a new Guinness World Record. All schools, all O-clubs and all countries all over the world can participate. The IOF’s goals regarding the organisation of this annual event are as follows:


  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering to young people.

  • Increasing the number of participants both in the schools’ activities as well and in the clubs' activities in all countries of National Federations, and to get more new countries to take part in orienteering.

  • Helping teachers to implement orienteering in a fun and educational way by providing schools with materials such as maps, orienteering exercises and equipment.


Guinness World Record

IOF has a vision to set a new Guinness World Record. The current record is from WOC 2003 in Switzerland, when 207,979 young people at 1381 locations ran an orienteering course.


On Wednesday May 11th 2016 we want to see lots of young people participating in the World Orienteering Day at 2000 locations all over the world. We shall beat the old record! 250,000 young people is our challenging target.


Visionary course of action

  • Each club of all national Orienteering Federations gets in touch with at least one school. In this way we create direct contact with largest target group for recruitment to our sport.

  • By the end of spring of 2016 all the clubs of the world together have produced at least 2000 sprint maps (new maps and updated maps) in the areas of school playgrounds and nearby areas around the country.

  • As teachers might need help to implement orienteering so the lessons are a fun, cool and exciting experience, the IOF is working on providing teaching materials in different languages.

  • The Regional Development and Youth Commission (RYDC) of the IOF coordinates and links interested Orienteering people from its national federations together in a school orienteering network in order to exchange materials and experiences.

  • At the World Orienteering Day on Wednesday May 11th 2016 each club/school carries out an Orienteering activity, a “learning by doing- activity” based on three different courses. Course length is a 500-1500 m sprint in the school yard, neighbourhood or park. Time keeping is not necessary.

  • After the activity, the students get to keep their maps to take home and show to their friends and family. On the back of the map they will find information about Orienteering activities particularly for young people.

  • The clubs register online on the World Orienteering Day website of the IOF and report the number of participants and the GPS coordinates of the school.

  • In 2017, the next World Orienteering Day will take place!


School Orienteering Network

The IOF wishes to build a network of people from each National Federation. We are grateful if you could come back to us with one or more contacts who may be responsible for this project in your federation.

Please send names and contact addresses to Kirsty McIntyre, the IOF office administrator.



This is just advance information. More details will follow. If you have any questions about the World Orienteering Day, please don’t hesitate to contact Göran Andersson, Regional Development and Youth Commission (RYDC), or Malin Björkqvist, IOF´s global development officer,


Item posted by Scott Parker on behalf of the International Orienteering Federation.

Posted on Tuesday 15th December 2015