Elected Director Nominations

The role of Director includes taking part in induction training, attending about six Board meetings a year and, from time to time, taking part in other working groups. The role is voluntary and unpaid, but Directors will have all reasonable expenses reimbursed.

The Board of Directors is responsible for developing strategy and policy. The work entails thinking about where British Orienteering is heading and how it will get there; keeping as far as possible in close touch with members, Clubs and Associations’ views. The work is challenging but rewarding, and offers the chance to help shape the future of orienteering in the UK.

There are 2 director vacancies open for election at the AGM held in 2017. Judith Holt has reached the end of her 2nd Term and is available for re-election. According to the Articles of Association, Martin Ward has reached the end of his maximum term as an officer of the federation (the equivalent of 3 terms of 3 years) and will therefore be unable to stand for election again. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martin for his massive contribution to the development of orienteering in the UK. As a previous Chair, Martin has led British Orienteering with great enthusiasm and integrity and supported staff, clubs and volunteers with their tireless work.

Nominations of candidates for election to the Board must be received in writing at the National Office by Thursday 23rd February 2017. Nominations can be made on paper signed by two voting members of British Orienteering as proposer and seconder or by email supported by emails from two voting members as proposer and seconder of the nomination. If email is used, the Secretary will send requests for confirmation to the candidate, proposer and seconder at their email addresses as registered with British Orienteering, and will only accept the nomination if email confirmation is received from all three people within 7 days.

Nominations may be accompanied by a pen portrait of up to 150 words for each candidate proposed for election; any such pen portraits must be received at the National Office by Sunday 5th March 2017.

The posts for election at the AGM are for Directors to sit on the Board of British Orienteering. 2 Directors will be elected; if the number of nominations is equal to or fewer than the number required e.g. 2, the nominated candidates will be deemed elected. If insufficient nominations are received, the Board may co-opt someone to fill the vacancy, and their term of office will be until the next Annual General Meeting.

The deadline for nominations for candidates for the Director elections at the AGM in 2017 is Thursday 23rd February 2017.

If you would like to discuss being a Director, contact Mike Hamilton, Chief Executive at the National Office on 01629 583037.

Posted on Wednesday 15th February 2017