New Basic Event Delivery Guide and Workshop Release

British Orienteering is today releasing a new basic event delivery guide and workshop. This is the culmination of work completed over the past 12 months to pull together best practice from clubs across the country.

The new guide aims to provide clubs with a template document which can be used by all event Organisers both new and existing. The guide is a working document designed to be adapted by clubs and associations to suit their individual requirements and circumstances. It covers all aspects of basic event organisation, providing guidance as well as checklists and links to helpful information that will be of use to new and existing Organisers.

The accompanying workshop PowerPoint and delivery guide provides the basis for a Basic Event Organiser training. The workshop is similarly designed to be flexible and give tutors a framework around which to build an appropriate 3-hour workshop whilst adapting the content to suit the needs of the club or clubs. It is recommended that a member who is an experienced Organiser with a coaching or teaching background runs the workshop.

The workshop doesn’t cover any aspects of safety at events as this topic is covered in more detail through the Event Safety Workshop which all Organisers should have attended.

The aim of this package is to help provide new officials with great confidence and support and encourage them to take on the role of Organiser of local events.

The guide and workshop are meant to be adapted however if you feel strongly that something is missing or misrepresented in either the guide or the workshop please let us know.

The Basic Event Delivery Guide is available here. For the workshop materials please contact

Posted on Thursday 6th April 2017