Development Conference 2020

Development Conference 2020

The National Development Conference took place on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th January 2020. 

The theme ‘Making development work for you’ considered numerous areas where members could take valuable tips and advice and use and adapt to suit their own needs. With a focus on the ‘How’ to grow and sustain your club the agenda covered a wide variety of important subjects.

Over two days, the conference was a huge success with positive feedback including;

“I wish we had longer, the discussions were very productive and the speakers very enthusing.”

"I thought the conference was one of the best and most relevant of any I’ve ever attended, either at work or outside it. Steve Fairhurst in the communications presentation did spectacularly well in puncturing the scepticism in the room around how marketing of cruises could be relevant to orienteering, and being completely credible and relevant."

The presentations, handouts and notes are all featured below. If you'd like to discuss any areas in more detail please contact your local British Orienteering development officer.

The agenda can be recapped here.

Saturday - Presentations, and notes

Introduction/ setting the scene.

Club Matters - Volunteer Expereince workshop

Club presentations

Sunday  - Presentations, and notes

Communication and social media

Youth Focus